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Fertoz’s Wapiti Phosphate to be Trialled on Canadian Broad-Acre Organic Farms

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April 3, 2014 (Source: Fertoz Limited) — Highlights:

  • Two certified organic farms to test phosphate from Fertoz’s Wapiti project
  • Trials will complement existing marketing efforts and assist with broadening market for Wapiti phosphate

Fertoz Limited (“Fertoz” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that, following successful laboratory testing, it has signed an agreement (“Agreement”) with two organic broad acre farms in Western Canada to trial the agronomic effectiveness of phosphate from its Wapiti Project in British Columbia, Canada.

The farms are organically certified and the operators, who are professional agronomists, have agreed to assist Fertoz in increasing sales of Wapiti phosphate in the growing organic sector in North America.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Fertoz will supply up to 1,000 tonnes of phosphate rock from Wapiti at the mine gate. The farmers will be responsible for freight, rock phosphate processing and the costs of the farm trials.  All information, testing procedures, processing techniques and application methods will be provided to Fertoz as part of the Agreement.

Fertoz will begin to supply product to the farms from the 7,500 tonne bulk sample which was approved for extraction by the mines department in February 2014. The timing of the bulk sample extraction is dependent on prevailing weather conditions.

Managing Director Les Szonyi said, “This is a great leap forward for us. The laboratory results showed Wapiti has high available phosphate when compared to similar organic fertilizers, and now we have farmers seeking out our product to test it on their farms.“

Test marketing by organic farmers is an important step in obtaining a good understanding of the benefits that Wapiti phosphate can provide to the agricultural sector in North America. It will assist us to implement our marketing plan which is being designed to secure first sales of Wapiti phosphate in 2014.”

The organic farmers are focused on achieving an optimum soil mineral balance and believe the high phosphate availability (10% availability with 23% phosphate-bearing rock) along with the mix of important secondary and tertiary minerals present in the Wapiti phosphate rock will lead to significant yield improvements.”

About Wapiti

Wapiti East, near Tumbler Ridge, is one of five Fertoz phosphate projects in British Columbia. Drilling on Wapiti East in September 2013 showed a consistent and continuous surface phosphate-bearing horizon along East and West Limbs for a total of 17 kilometres of strike length.

About Fertoz

Fertoz is exploring for high-grade phosphate resources in Canada and the United States of America, which are two of the largest agricultural economies in the world and which both import phosphate rock. Fertoz has five projects in Canada – Wapiti (East and West), Barnes Lake, Crows Nest and Marten, which are all proximate to infrastructure — and an option on one project in Idaho, USA, again proximate to infrastructure. Fertoz is targeting small, high-grade resources in the Americas that can be commercialised quickly and inexpensively, with high-grade product sold to organic farmers or third- party fertilizer plants.

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