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AgriMinco Corp.: Danakil Potash Joint Venture Expands Maiden NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate Technical Report to Include Preliminary Investigation Into Economic Mining and Processing Options

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March 18, 2014 (Source: Marketwired) — AgriMinco Corp. (TSX VENTURE:ANO) (“AgriMinco” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that following the completion of the maiden NI 43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate (the “MRE”), the operator of Danakil Holdings Limited, Plinian Capital LLP requested a preliminary investigation into the economic viable mining and processing options for the Danakil potash resources. The preliminary investigation was prepared by independent consultants K-UTEC Salt Technologies (“K-UTEC”), a German consulting firm with expertise in potash mining, and the results are published in Section 16 of the Technical and MRE Report, to be filed on SEDAR on or before March 27, 2014. The key findings of Section 16 of the report include:

  • The study selected solution mining as the method of choice, as the Danakil resources are too deep for an open pit mining method (200-400 metres) and mining by conventional underground method was discounted due to the weak Bischofitite Member located between the upper and lower mineralised zones and the perceived risk of flooding.
  • The Bischofitite Member which separates the upper and lower mineralised units is shown to develop mid-way across the deposit in an N-S direction. In the west the Bischofitite is either non-existent to 10 metres thick and steadily increases in thickness to a maximum of 80 meters as the deposit deepens to the east.
  • Although the MgCl2 from the Bischofitite can be included in the processing concept, its exploitation is considered uneconomic due to high energy and water consumption and as such a 10 metre cut-off thickness for the Bischofitite unit has been defined. As such two mining methods were defined, SolMIn1 and SolMin2, at an annual rate of 2 Mt of SOP. The transition from SolMin1 to SolMin2 mining method will be in approximately year 14:
    • SolMin1 – solution mining of the south-west portion of the deposit where the Bischofitite unit is < 10 metres, where solution mining will generate high caverns up to 30 metres, as the Sylvinite, Carnallitite and Kainitite units will be mined at the same time.
    • SolMin2 – selective mining of the upper and lower mineralised units where the Bischofitite exceeds 10 metres in thickness. This method will simultaneously mine both the lower and upper mineralised units through a triangular pillar cavern mining method. The next phase of study is expected to generate the geotechnical data required to maximize cavern design with the aim of producing robust productive caverns by maximizing SOP production.

Design of the solar evaporation ponds and the mining method, or combination thereof will allow flexibility in the final product mix. The tables below set out some of these options that include 100% SOP to a combination of SOP and MOP and the projected NPV and IRR associated with the options. Key assumptions of the preliminary study include:

Discount Rate: 10 & 12% scenarios
Accuracy: +/- 40%
Price of SOP:Price of MOP : US$ 600
US$ 350
Key Resource Highlights
Indicated Mineral Resource 708.8 Mt
KCl grade 19.4%
Inferred Mineral Resource 1,116.5 Mt
KCL grade 19.1%
Table 1 Investigated scenarios for the solution mining configuration
Code Mining Option Process Option Product
A1 SolMin1 initially Solar 500 SOP
A2 SolMin 1 initially Solar 1000 SOP
A3 Solmin 1 initially Solar 2000 SOP
B1 SolMin 1 initially Solar 417 SOP
47 MOP
B2 SolMin 1 initially Solar 835 SOP
94 MOP
B3 SolMin 1 initially Solar 1,670 SOP
187 MOP
C1-1 SolMin 2 Solar 313 SOP
185 MOP
C1-2 SolMin2 Solar 626 SOP
370 MOP
C1-3 SolMin2 Solar 1,252 SOP
740 MOP
Table 2 Results of the cash flow calculation model for the variants A-1 to C1-3
Code Initial Capex
A1 459 664.45 506.51 32 %
A2 804 1439.40 1,113.86 36 %
A3 1,407 3,273.28 2,569.22 43 %
B1 470 521.53 388.25 28 %
B2 827 1,160.91 885.18 32 %
B3 1,589 2,572.48 1,978.56 35 %
C1-1 439 502.59 376.74 29 %
C1-2 852 1,035.40 779.98 30 %
C1-3 1,461 2,257.88 1,732.62 34 %
Notes: 1. After-tax
2. Mineral resources that are not mineral reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability
3. The preliminary assessment includes inferred mineral resources that are considered too speculative geologically to have the economic considerations applied to them that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves, and there is no certainty that the preliminary assessment will be realized

AgriMinco’s CEO, Bruce Cumming comments, “Whilst the results are encouraging, they must be seen against the backdrop of uncertainty that the Company continues to face due to the difficulties experienced in attempting to raise additional finance and the existing debt burden the Company carries. We continue to focus our efforts on completion either of a capital raise or a corporate transaction. Under the terms of the JV agreement and the amendment thereto, AgriMinco was required to contribute 30% of expenditure in excess of the agreed free carry by April 7, 2014. In addition, the Company must also contribute 30% of the next fiscal year exploration budget. A failure to contribute will result in a dilution of the Company’s interest. The operator has submitted budgets and costs for the historic overspend and a board meeting of the JV Company will be held on May 6, 2014 at which time cash call notices will be issued. The combined cash call for the first fiscal quarter and the historic excess is expected to be of the order of US$2m and the budget for the next twelve months, of which the Company must meet 30%, is expected to be US$20m.”

Qualified Persons

The mineral resource estimate was completed by independent K-UTEC consultant Thomas Schicht, EurGeol, Assistant Head of Geophysics, K-UTEC Independent Salts Technologies, a Qualified Person under the National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects of the Canadian Securities Administrators.

The Operator of the Joint Venture, Plinian Capital LLP and Circum Minerals Limited, the 70% Joint Venture Partner, have consented to the release of the information contained herein.

A copy of the NI 43-101 Technical Report will be available on the SEDAR website (www.sedar.com) under AgriMinco’s profile on or before March 27, 2014.

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