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The world’s first end to end, from seed to sale, patient to regulator, medical cannabis data solution is here.

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Secondary industries can quite often do surprisingly well as often there is less competition. Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (CSE: APP | OTCQB: FUAPF) (“GCAC”) is a global leader in designing, developing, marketing and acquiring innovative data technologies for the cannabis industry. They are doing this by applying artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to improve cannabis health sciences, under their Citizen Green platform.

Citizen Green

The Citizen Green platform is the world’s first end to end, from seed to sale, patient to regulator, medical cannabis data solution. It uses 6 core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, smart databases, blockchain and digital reward tokens; all designed to speed the process of quality shared data. The objective is to use advanced technology to create an online community portal. Every cannabis strain affects patients in a different way, and this is about sharing personal knowledge across a social media style platform to inform other members of personal experiences. By joining the Citizen Green community a medicinal user can now find more information on their particular condition through other users experiences and learn how best to treat it. Transactions and earnings will be in the form of “Citizen Green Token”, GCAC’s cryptocurrency. Citizen Green Tokens, which fuel the Citizen Green economy, are earned for contributing information, and experiences and can be used to receive discounts on purchases and access a full range of related services. There is even a Citizen Green phone app, which as of Q2 2018 already had 650,000 users. GCAC plans to more than double the number of users by Q2 2019 to reach 1.4m global users.

New Citizen Green Website launched

October 2018 was a busy month for GCAC. They announced a major marketing and sales campaign starting October 31, 2018, targeting medical cannabis dispensaries across North America, through their Citizengreen.io website. The new website will have all the information necessary for medical cannabis retailers to learn about the smart technology driven Citizen Green Community. The website is part of an aggressive marketing and sales campaign to introduce the Citizen Green Community to all medical cannabis retailers starting with over 3,300 retail dispensaries with the majority located in California, Colorado, and Arizona.

Brad Moore, CEO of GCAC, stated: “We are launching the Citizengreen website to support our marketing and sales efforts of the Citizen Green Community to thousands of medical cannabis retailers in the United States.”

Previously in October the Company announced it had signed a letter of intent with Cannact LLC, a seasoned distributor of cannabis technology and products in California. The license agreement will integrate the Citizen Green patient-care solution onto Cannact’s platform with potential integration for related cannabis retailer partners. The Cannact team has established relationships with over fifty retail partners and dispensaries.

CEO Brad Moore added: “Cannact is the first of many licensed producers and dispensaries who will seek Citizen Green’s innovated solutions to improve health, safety and patient outcomes in the cannabis industry.”

GCAC has also launched its innovative Citizen Green patient-care solution to the global cannabis marketplace, starting with California which is experiencing explosive growth.

The chart above shows the Company’s achievements to date and targets ahead, including reaching $1M per month in revenue by Q4 2018. GCAC are tapping into the multi-billion-dollar global cannabis industry, where a lack of trusted cannabis related information is yet to exist. Multiple jurisdictions around the world have legalized or are moving toward legalization of medical use including Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Israel, Mexico and 30 other U.S. states. Having partnerships with leading sources of consumer and medical data could see Global Cannabis Applications Corp. becoming a pioneer in the medical cannabis data storage area. Keep an eye on this social media style business (CannaBook?) (Fannabis?), as their marketing strategies are on track for bigger things to come.


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