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Mondias on capturing the beauty of natural products for investors

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Everywhere you look nowadays there is a greater emphasis to eliminate or reduce the damaging effects to our environment. The true “green” environment starts at the agricultural level with what we can grow naturally. The same is true with our medicines, showing natural is safer and better.

Mondias Natural Products Inc. (TSXV: NHP) specializes in the commercialization and development of evidence based botanical products for the bio-agriculture and healthcare markets. Mondias is focused on large, growing markets, such as biopesticides, biostimulants, sleeping aids, wound healing, acne, nail fungus, and hair loss.

Mondias also has a strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio that includes 53 natural product numbers registered with Health Canada and 4 patents. Mondias have so far commercialized approximately 30 products in bone health, stress and anxiety, cardiovascular health, pain management, energy and vitality and many others.

Mondias Natural’s 3 main segments


On September 1, 2017, Mondias acquired all of the assets of Holizen Laboratories, a company that has operated as a distributor and commercialized many natural health products in Quebec. Mondias generates revenues by selling its products through its Holizen division and web platform as well as through retailers, distributors, and co-branding partnerships.

Mondias botanical based specialty fertilizers and CELEXT07 as an alternative to pesticides

In collaboration with McGill University’s Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Mondias is also developing botanical based specialty fertilizers that will be suitable for household plants, urban gardens, golf courses, nurseries and greenhouses. One of these fertilizers developed and tested with McGill University is the CELEXT07 bio-defense stimulant, designed to prevent and fight diseases affecting crops, such as grey mold and powdery mildew (especially on cannabis).

Mondias announced in March 2019 positive results that were conducted with McGill University and a leading cannabis producer on its proprietary CELEXT07. Preliminary results showed that foliage application of CELEXT07 alone resulted in the prevention of powdery mildew on cannabis leaves, giving validation to the effectiveness of the stimulants properties and opening up a large potential market for Mondias, especially as these tests were done in collaboration with a leading cannabis producer.

Jean-Philippe Gravel, Chief Executive Officer of Mondias said: “Cannabis growers are seeking Eco-friendly alternatives to pesticides. The results from these greenhouse production tests will allow us to market CELEXT07 to a growing number of Canadian cannabis producers. The product is ready to market, and we have secured the production capacity we need to meet demand from potential clients.”

Post harvest losses due to grey mold and powdery mildew are estimated to be one-third of the food produced worldwide for human consumption. This creates considerable market potential for CELEXT07 as annual economic losses of $10 billion to $100 billion worldwide have been estimated.

Mondias growth strategy

Mondias is aiming to become a leader in the development and commercialization of 100% natural solutions in the human health and agricultural markets.

Experienced management

The Company’s management has been part of the natural health community for over twenty years with all product development protocols adhered to or exceeding Health Canada standards, making Mondias products a safe alternative to pharmaceutical driven products. With their vast experience in medical and pharmaceutical research and management’s many years of entrepreneurial success in the natural health product industry, Mondias is well-positioned for future growth.

Certainly the potential markets Mondias is targeting such as those for sleeping disorders, hair loss, wound healing, bone health, stress and anxiety, acne, nail fungus, cardiovascular health, pain management, energy and vitality; as well as fertilizers and pesticides have enormous market potential. If Mondias has success in just one or two it can be a company maker.

Mondias Natural Products Inc. has market cap of only C$ 14.5 million. One to watch very closely.


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