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Cannabook? The “Data-Crypto Facebook App” of Global Cannabis

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The oldest known written record on cannabis use comes from the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2727 B.C. Ancient Greeks and Romans were also familiar with cannabis, while in the Middle East, use spread throughout the Islamic empire to North Africa. In 1545 cannabis spread to the western hemisphere where Spaniards imported it to Chile for its use as fiber. In North America cannabis, in the form of hemp, was grown on many plantations for use in rope, clothing and paper. Entering the 21st century, some nations have begun to change their approaches, with measures taken to decriminalize cannabis. In 2001 Canada became the first nation to legalize medical cannabis, and then in 2015 Uruguay became the first to legalize recreational cannabis. On October 17 2018, Canada will follow Uraguay to become only the second country to legalize recreational cannabis.

Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada starting October 17, 2018

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (CSE: APP | OTCQB: FUAPF) (“GCAC”) designs, develops, markets, and acquires data technologies for the cannabis industry by applying artificial intelligence, blockchain, and crypto-currency to improve cannabis health sciences. The Company’s mission is to build a technology-enabled community to improve the health and wellness of medical patients and users, through data optimization of medical cannabis research and production. The Company offers the “Citizen Green” platform, an end-to-end data aggregation and user delivery system. The Citizen Green platform is the world’s first end-to-end, from seed to sale, to patient, to regulator, medical cannabis data solution. It uses 6 core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, smart databases, blockchain and digital reward tokens, all designed to speed the process of quality data and provide better qualified candidates for clinical studies.

Cryptocurrency and Cannabis working together

The true objective of the Citizen Green platform is to use advanced technology to create an online community portal, where patient outcomes can be improved through the sharing and use of medical cannabis information. As the global community grows and the database builds, the platform will become more efficient by gathering data from all points of the cannabis community. By joining the Citizen Green community a medicinal user can now find more information on their particular condition through other users experiences, and learn how best to treat it.

On 1 August 2018, the Company announced that in Q2 2018 they achieved 415,000 new downloads of their CannaLife app. The app runs on a social media platform building online global communities as well as a propriety search engine with intuitive posting and asynchronized video chat. Hanan Gelbendorf, GCAC’s chief marketing officer stated: “This is a significant milestone as we roll out the Citizen Green Community and its digital assets in an effort to improve the lives of medical cannabis patients.”

Transactions and earnings will be in the form of a “Citizen Green Token,” GCAC’s cryptocurrency. The tokens will be the basis of a loyalty program and will be used to reward users, pay for additional databases, facilitate research and development, and advance the technological platform. Citizen Green Tokens, which fuel the Citizen Green economy are earned for contributing information and experiences and can be used to receive discounts on purchases and access a full range of related services.

The global legal marijuana market is forecast to reach USD 146.4 billion by the end of 2025, and grow at a CAGR of 34.6%. With more markets joining the medical cannabis revolution the importance and value for data and information on medical cannabis performance has never been greater. With over forty two governments globally moving forward with the legalization of medical cannabis, there is a need and an opportunity to fill the medical cannabis data void using advanced technology. Global Cannabis Applications aims to fill this void, and just may become the “Data-Crypto Facebook App” of global cannabis. (Cannabook?)

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. has a market cap of C$ 19 m, and is headquartered in Vancouver Canada.


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