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CO2 GRO’s successful foliage flower spray trials open up new opportunities

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There’s a lot of activity coming out of Canada with the recent legalization of cannabis, which has been very good for CO2 GRO. Following this the desire to produce better and faster crops and flowers looks like the next challenge for CO2 GRO to expand into new markets beyond cannabis.

CO2 GRO Inc. (TSXV: GROW | OTCQB: BLONF) (“GROW”) is a Canadian company with CO2 technologies that are dedicated to increasing the growth of all indoor and outdoor value plants. The technology works by transferring CO2 gas into water and foliage spray for use across the entire plant leaf surface area, which is a semi permeable membrane. The dissolved concentrated CO2 then penetrates the leaf’s surface area naturally, like concentrated nicotine dissolves through human skin into the bloodstream from a nicotine patch.

Previously CO2 GRO has had good success in the cannabis market. The Company previously announced a 45% increased commercial cannabis bud value growth in trials. More recently the Company announced trials on flowers and peppers proving it’s not only cannabis that can benefit.

CO2 GRO trials result in quicker growing flowers

On October 24, 2018 CO2 GRO announced a series of positive flower grow trials using dissolved CO2 spray versus no CO2 gassing at a commercial Michigan flower greenhouse. The first two trials were done in a large commercial greenhouse that does not use CO2 gassing. The dissolved CO2 sprayed flowers were healthier, showing more branching and side shoots with bigger, thicker leaves, and a more advanced root systems that delivers more water and nutrients up to the leaves. Importantly these flowers were commercially ready to ship 7-10 days faster at 32-35 days versus the control flowers requiring 42 days. The third and fourth trials resulted in bushier plants without additional stretching, with deeper more vibrant flower coloring. Propagation times were consistently reduced by one-third to 14 days versus the control flowers requiring 21 days.

John Archibald, CEO of GROW, stated: “We are really pleased with these Michigan flower results as the global flower market is a $200 billion a year retail business. Flowers are more valuable than food on a greenhouse per square foot basis.”

CO2 GRO trials on pepper yield great results

CO2 GRO have also been conducting pepper grow trials, with dissolved CO2 sprayed plants receiving a 30% greater fruit yield and a 20% faster growing rate.

CEO John Archibald stated: “Until legal cannabis, the top two greenhouse crops in Canada were tomatoes at 38% and peppers at 33%. We can add plant yield and speed to maturity value to any greenhouse or indoor grow facility that does not use CO2 gas, or to the 95% of the world’s plant food grown outdoors, where it has been impossible to add CO2 until now.”

GROW’s global target plant markets are retail food at $8 trillion per year, retail non-food plants at an estimated $1 trillion per year, and legal retail cannabis that may reach $50 billion per year by 2022.

The world has been discussing global warming and food shortages for years now. With almost a permanent drought in many continental climate type countries, the global food basket is under pressure.

With a mission to accelerate the growth of all value plants safely, economically, and naturally; using their patented advanced carbon dioxide technologies, GROW now have proof in trials that their concentrated CO2 foliage spray could well be a savior to the world’s food shortages and of course don’t forget the great results from cannabis trials.

GROW expect to continuously strengthen their patent portfolio as experience optimizing CO2 technologies for plant yields continues to evolve. Keep an eye on this company as they have something the planet definitely needs.


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