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The Big Green Cannabis Handshake

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Regardless of opinion on the subject of marijuana legalization, a booming market is eventually going to have its needs met by someone. iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. (CSE: IAN) (“iAnthus”), led by a phenomenal team, is providing a sound option for those of us who wish to get on the cannabis curve early.

The company recently closed a C$20m bought financing deal, and soon after commenced construction on a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation and processing center in Holliston, Massachusetts; the 36,000 square foot facility will be able to produce 8,700 pounds of cannabis annually. It may not be the gigafactory, but it’s a seriously big step forward in creating sufficient supply infrastructure to support the burgeoning industry.

The ever-increasing acceptance of recreational marijuana consumption continues to motivate people to join the fray, but a problem exists for legitimate business owners in the United States since they cannot yet access state or institutional capital as a result of the federal ban. While many thought this would keep the market down, the cultural movement is powerful, in full swing, and making big money.

Although the industry is exploding, its expansion has been tentative due to banks and exchanges refusing to lend to or accept listings from cultivators as a matter of fence-sitting policy. This has fostered a great need for capital throughout the market, and Hadley Ford, ex-VP of Goldman Sachs, has enabled legal growers of medicinal marijuana in the US to access vital funds to establish much-needed supply by establishing iAnthus on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

Ford spotted that the federal attitude to the movement has kept the larger companies at bay, awarding smaller companies ample opportunity to flourish. iAnthus provides investors with a chance to catch the market growth as early as possible by offering a comprehensive finance and management solution for licensed cannabis cultivators, processors and dispensaries throughout the United States.

iAnthus sees future decriminalization as inevitable in all fifty states, and with global attitudes shifting for decades now, it’s difficult to disagree with them. The North-American market for medicinal marijuana is now so well-established that even Trump is going to have a hard time rolling this one back.

Of course, Justin Trudeau’s government takes a firm stance against prohibition, and is committed to the more liberal approach of legalization, regulation and harm reduction, making the Canadian Securities Exchange the perfect place to launch iAnthus and assist the dispensaries further south in meeting escalating demand.

The company’s interests are exclusively fully-licensed operations delivering their products through vertically integrated systems funded by investments secured by an expert team. Once the Massachusetts production facility is complete, four separate dispensaries will open to distribute the product locally. The number of patients that have purchased medical marijuana in Massachusetts has tripled over the past twelve months, to approximately 18,000 every month. Total active patient certifications roughly doubled in 2016, and 179 physicians registered anew to certify patients.

My confidence in iAnthus stems from the capabilities of the people in charge; Ford has not only come from Goldman Sachs, but has spent a total of fourteen years on Wall Street, overseeing transactions worth billions. He is accompanied by a management team from investment banking, finance, healthcare services, real estate and construction, business operations and regulatory compliance, plus a specialist advisory board with in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the cannabis industry. These guys really have made sure that marijuana has the chance to become a credible, and therefore reliable, investment option.


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