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Why design is important! Branding your Company and making an impact.

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It is without a doubt that design is an essential element for any company. Not only does design set one apart from one’s competitors, but it also can positively impact a company’s visibility. Great design speaks out loud, it contributes to a better user experience, higher consumer intake and creates a lasting brand image.

Placing time, money and effort into design will push your company above the rest. If avoided, it may result in a lethargic business. Design allows you to communicate your message effectively, especially with the use of typography, imagery, and colour. Each element has a psychological effect, which can reach many within your target audience. With effective design, you can ultimately achieve a call to action, whether it be social awareness or making a potential consumer buy your product(s), service(s), or shares.

Branding is a crucial part in communication and marketing design. Ultimately, branding can push your market potential. The more emphasis you place in branding paired with great conceptual design, the further there will be resonance with your market audience. This will create a memorable marketing experience. For example, look at Coca ColaTM. This is an immediately recognized brand and is known by its distinctive red color.

More and more companies are simplifying their branding so consumers can easily recognize their company. For example, take a look at the Wendy’sTM logo redesign. A very recognized brand went through a makeover to be simpler and eye catching. The purpose of redesigns is to bring corporate branding to the forefront and freshen the look of what may be an outdated visual. Simpler shapes and typefaces, often round in appearance give a more humanistic approach.

A simpler brand is not only easier to remember, but also pleasing to the eye. With so much information fueling our brains these days, cleaner design is essential. Another design tip is using white space, also known as negative space. Elements within a page need breathing space and can direct the eye more easily and with flow.

Below is a sample of a redesign for one of our clients, Benton Resources Inc.

Using typography as an image (letters/fonts) is a clever approach to incorporate into combination marks (i.e. graphics with both text and a symbol/icon that conveys the brand image). As shown, a widely used mining tool, the pickaxe, was used to replace the letter “T”. Movement is created by skewing the letters on an angle, which creates further visual interest. Using their original corporate colours and adding an additional neutral colour (charcoal grey), ties the logo to the sub-name “Resources” and adds personality and visual resonance.

As a designer at CHF, designing is such a fun and creative aspect of my main duties. Design cannot be automated; it takes a creative brain to conceptualize and organize elements for a lasting visual. Not only am I problem-solving daily, the finished product and reactions of our clients is rewarding.


John Arcena graduated from Seneca College with an Ontario Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design with honors. His work was entered into the Applied Arts magazine ... <Read more about John Arcena>

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