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Wrestling with Trump’s Tweet on Canada’s 150th Birthday and 4th of July Weekend

| July 03, 2017 | 2 Comments

It was Canada’s 150th Birthday this weekend on Saturday, July 1st and the weather could not be more perfect as my mother called and shared with me that she graduated from Aberdeen high school in Saskatchewan 50 years ago today! Presently retired to the hills of Tennessee with my Father practically next door to Dollywood, I enjoy a good cup of stiff black coffee next to Lake Ontario as I considered the impact of Trump’s tweet this weekend and remembered a few wrestling stories of my own…

For instance, the time I flew out of Calgary with what was then called at the time, the World Wrestling Federation, or as we all knew it — the WWF. Concerned that this was way too much weight on one plane, I was relieved when the flight landed. The bottom-line is that I do represent the press and well, Trump doesn’t like us…or is Trump simply one of us?

My conclusion? I think he wants to be a writer or why else would he be compelled to communicate his opinion so regularly on Twitter? After all, I work with dozens of writers and one thing that clearly identifies a writer is their insatiable need — to write, communicate or in this case, tweet.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage invested some time talking to me when I was registering voters for the Knoxville Mayoral Race in 1987, and I recall wondering why I was registering voters at a wrestling match; why would we want to register wrestling fans for serious political issues?

In hindsight, I was wrong: politics and wrestling, believe it or not, not only go together, they belong together.

With tomorrow being July the 4th, our Independence Day and the 241st birthday of the U.S.A., perhaps what we all need are more wrestling stars, if only to keep us entertained enough to pay attention? I mean if we had some wrestlers with names like ‘Cobalt King’, ‘Rare Earth Rad’ or even ‘Lithium-Lit’ as our InvestorIntel editorial team, perhaps more people would be aware of the issues around conflict metals, sustainability, and how we continue to source most of our metals needed in our smart phones out of China….

The point? While I would like to gasp and say, “abominable behavior!”, or “how could he do this!”; the bottom line is that I have certainly made a tweet or two that I had to hit delete on. And yes, while he is the President, I do recall the 1st wrestling match my father took me too in West Virginia as a child and I remember having a really good time. Why? Because as many of us know, wrestling is as American as apple pie…

Now for those of you who were unable to make it to the 6th Annual Cleantech & Technology Metals Summit (CTMS2017) on May 15-16th, we have listed all of the recorded* video presentations published to date as a special holiday weekend post. Still waiting on a couple more for associated management approvals, this should bring you up to speed on what is happening in the global technology metals market…

Additionally, allow me to confirm and announce the very good news that we plan on doing this all over again and have confirmed the dates for our 7th Annual Global Technology Metals Summit (#GTMS2018). #GTMS2018 will be held in Toronto at the Omni King Edward Hotel on Monday, April 30th and Tuesday, May 1st — so please, please mark your calendar…and pending we can make it happen, we will have a wrestler moderate a panel as we determine who the next ‘Cobalt King’ will be….

Some tweets to copy and paste for your twitter account….;-)

  • TMX Group Limited (TSX: X) Presentation: July 10, 2017: Orlee Wertheim on the TSX being the leading exchange for resource companies — http://bit.ly/2tACrE8
  • Argentina Lithium and Energy Corp. (TSXV: LIT | OTCQB: PNXLF) Presentation: July 6, 2017: #CTMS2017 presentation on the largest Salar in the Lithium Triangle in Argentina — http://bit.ly/2tluTov
  • eCobalt Solutions Inc. (TSX: ECS | OTCQB: ECSIF) Presentation: June 28, 2017: eCobalt CEO Presents at #CTMS2017 “Cobalt: Essential Power…Infinite Possibilities” — http://bit.ly/2sRbnA7
  • Search Minerals Inc. (TSXV: SMY): June 28, 2017: Search Minerals CEO at #CTMS2017 on becoming the next North American Rare Earth Supplier — http://bit.ly/2siz2pq
  • Nano One Materials Corp. (TSXV: NNO) Presentation: June 28, 2017: Nano One CEO is “Changing how the World Makes Batteries” at #CTMS2017 — http://bit.ly/2sn1XsE
  • Lithium X Energy Corp. (TSXV: LIX | OTCQB: LIXXF): June 28, 2017: Lithium X presents “Charging our World, Fuelling the Future” at #CTMS2017 — http://bit.ly/2sn4iUq
  • Neo Lithium Corp. (TSXV: NLC) Presentation: June 28, 2017: Neo Lithium CFO Presents “The Next Major Lithium Discovery” at #CTMS2017 — http://bit.ly/2sn2sTi
  • NextSource Materials Inc. (TSX: NEXT | OTCQB: NSRC) Presentation: June 28, 2017: NextSource at #CTMS2017 presents “Delivering the World’s Next Source of High Quality Flake Graphite” — http://bit.ly/2sRvazn
  • Nemaska Lithium Inc. (TSX: NMX | OTCQX: NMKEF) Presentation: June 28, 2017: Nemaska CEO on becoming a new supplier to the emerging Lithium Ion battery markets — http://bit.ly/2sMST3y
  • Wealth Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: WML) Presentation: June 28, 2017: CEO of Wealth Minerals presents “Lithium for Growth” at #CTMS2017 — http://bit.ly/2sR4D5j
  • Matamec Explorations Inc. (TSXV: MAT | OTCQB: MHREF) Presentation: June 23, 2017: Matamec CEO on Developing one of North America’s Most Advanced Rare Earths Projects — http://bit.ly/2s3AEDA
  • Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (TSX: AVL| OTCQX: AVLNF) Presentation: June 22, 2018: Avalon CEO presents an “advanced lithium development opportunity” in Ontario — http://bit.ly/2sveMnL
  • HPQ Silicon Resources Inc. (TSXV: HPQ) Presentation: June 22, 2017: Becoming the World’s Leader in Producing Low Cost Green Solar Grade Silicon Metal — http://bit.ly/2tVUT7v
  • Panel: June 21, 2017: #CTMS2017 panel debates the Electric Vehicle market demand — http://bit.ly/2sqqJer
  • Panel: June 20,2017: #CTMS2017 Panel on Lithium Exploration and M&A Market — http://bit.ly/2slTUj2
  • Neometals Ltd. (ASX: NMT) Presentation: June 16, 2017: Chris Reed on “The Evolution of Lithium” — http://bit.ly/2sBkLsq
  • Panel: June 14, 2017: #CTMS2017 panel on marketing public equities to “the street” — http://bit.ly/2tndaKo
  • Northern Minerals Limited (ASX: NTU) Presentation: June 14, 2017: George Bauk addresses #CTMS2017 audience on “Revving up the Heavy Rare Earths Engine” — http://bit.ly/2s1yHL6
  • Panel: June 13, 2017: #CTMS2017 panel on the cobalt bull market — http://bit.ly/2rXC4CN
  • Alkane Resources Corp. (ASX: ALK | OTCQX: ANLKY) Presentation: June 13, 2017: Ian Chalmers addresses #CTMS2017 audience on hafnium — http://bit.ly/2rXKeel
  • Scandium International Mining Corp. (TSX: SCY) Presentation: June 12, 2017: CEO addresses #CTMS2017 audience on delivering the scandium promise — http://bit.ly/2tdumSv

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  • Jack Lifton


    You’re right about President Trump being more in tune with the average American than his predecessor or even that man’s predecessor. Obama was obsessed with basketball, and his metaphors almost always sounded like they were right off of the sports desk of a mid sized town weekly. George W. Bush had actually been an owner of a major league baseball team, but I don’t remember nearly as many references by him to “home runs” or “strike outs” as Obama’s constant use of “slam dunks.” Trump is trying to run the U.S. government as if it were a for profit corporation that continues to exist only by subsidizing itself. He appears to be trying to restructure and recapitalize it. But the problem is that the government’s structure is now one of special interests, corrupted politicians, and a byzantine bureaucracy, so that Trump will not be successful. However he is being successful at marginalizing the media, very successful. This has forced us to think about the flow of information rather than just accept it. That will be this guy’s enduring legacy. Happy 150th, and, sincerely, God save the Queen.

    July 4, 2017 - 11:00 AM

  • Kelly Bird

    Really enjoyed reading this article and I loved the comparison of politics with wrestling! I have also made a playlist of all the presentations and panels on InvestorIntel’s YouTube Channel – check it out here, http://bit.ly/2tQA6Gd

    July 5, 2017 - 10:02 AM

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