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The CSE takes a ride on the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

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The future of the global markets are bringing everyone into the same system. There is really only one economic system now and the internet makes it so there will likely be a consolidated exchange one day. Perhaps it will come from an off-shore haven or a mobile entrepreneur with the right device and the right vision. But right now the most cost effective place to go public in the world is the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

The Entrepreneur ExchangeModern companies are being created by entrepreneurs, and those willing to invest in ideas. There are 40 million self directed investors in the US alone. Since every company wants to become big enough to go public, and the CSE is the least expensive way to do so, the start ups that are fuelling today’s innovation are likely to continue to turn to the company-friendly CSE. Going public is about raising money, not spending it, and the exchange with the lowest rates to do so will continue to attract businesses with their technology directed approach.

The global market already has a global meeting place, the internet, and eventually one of these exchanges will become the go-to site for world markets. Obviously sooner than later technology advances may create one market. The CSE  is the only exchange where all securities listed on Canadian exchanges may be traded in a single trading system. This kind of streamlined approach positions the CSE to continue to be Canada’s fasting growing exchange. Regardless of whether trading will be done on one exchange, at the moment, the CSE is the least expensive place for any company to go public. And the internet allows anyone to do business from anywhere.

Toronto’s CSE is the first full stock market to be approved by the Ontario securities commission in 70 years. Though an alternative to the Toronto Stock Exchange, companies often use the CSE as a shortcut to being listed on the TSX. But the TSX and the NYSE are so big and expensive now that they are not as friendly to small cap companies and entrepreneurs, yet the next google or apple is likely to look small time at first. Entrepreneurs are tired of paying fees to institutions that don’t provide a service.

The big exchanges are public and are focused on profit for shareholders and so their vision is not as friendly to the forward thinking start-ups. The CSE is a private company with less need to please investors in the near term. This makes them more open to the junior companies that need a place to get started. The CSE is the most entrepreneur-friendly place for new companies to start their empires.

The CSE is looking to grow, and they could expand to listing all exchanges on one site. The regulations are not in place for that of course, but the way that technology and the internet has revolutionized international trade, it only makes sense that exchanges will be revolutionized as well. Perhaps before actual trading is done this way, exchanges might start by listing the information from other exchanges. Maybe the CSE could grow into a place where this could be done?


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