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Should I stay or should I go (now)?

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I’m with Peter Clausi when he writes Goodbye August, you crappy unhappy month. Published, there – done. He asked me to take my time and edit as I saw fit. Unedited, I like Peter’s prose. Sitting on 3 feature company stories, I need another day to review, contemplate and consider what is happening in the wonderful world of Canadian small caps. Appropriate the single by the Clash is playing in the background with ‘Should I stay or should I go?’

This is the title and the theme.

A banker from Connecticut (CT) calls me yesterday. “But this is not a ‘rare metal’ story” I start after reviewing the fact sheet. “A critical metals story, yes – but I am confused.” He continues and explains that Canadian exploration companies are desperate for new audiences, and that there is nothing left for them in Canada.

I sigh. Indeed, I ask him whether his road shows through Montana (yes, you read this right, Montana) work. After all we are always about ‘what works’ here at InvestorIntel, we are changing our sell line to the above this Fall as none of us have time for anything that is ineffective. Heck if Montana is the new untapped investment audience for  resource investment, let’s check the flights….

Considering if I can name a city in Montana, I review another email from a Vancouver investor who writes me that if “…people sell their pot gains before Oct 18 we may get a resources market. If they stay long or get longer they will trap all the spec money. I am only long pot as of mid August. Sell all Oct 18 and then get short with all my money. See what happens”.

Alright enough breathing exercises, our production manager reaches out to the company that claims they have a technology for meditation and breathing exercises that will increase my revenue — we accept their media offer to send me one. The cannabis expert on our team (Gen-Z) rolls his eyes at me, I explain that we try anything once here.

SO, what did happen in August worth noting? Our assistant publisher Raj Shah sent me the list of InvestorIntel movers and shakers via tweets for stock performance for August 2018. Here are Raj’s Top 15 tweets for the month of August:

  1. $WDG.V up +113.51% in Aug – WATCH: #GiyaniMetals CEO on huge market demand for #manganese https://youtu.be/F6oCHsf-mno #BatteryMaterial #Battery
  2. $ILI.V up +65% in Aug: Analyst says “double digit demand growth in more recent years for #lithium in electronic appliances and mobile phones has led to a renaissance in hard rock mining” http://bit.ly/2qQiTK4
  3. $WSTRF up +60.03% & $WUC.C +58.82% in Aug – READ: Eyes on a near-term producer of #uranium and #vanadium in the United States http://bit.ly/2JZE5ok
  4. $NOB.V up +50% in Aug – READ: 70,000 hectares of mineral rights in #Timmins area owned by who? http://bit.ly/2u6OY1N #gold #zinc #cobalt
  5. $LGO.TO up +44.21% & $LGORF +43.48% in Aug on news: #LargoResources reports Q2 2018 Financial Results – Revenues of $103.3 million, a 189% increase over Q2 2017 http://bit.ly/2BbtC9q #Vanadium
  6. $APP.C up +42.42% & $FUAPF +36.35% in Aug: #Cannabook? The “Data-Crypto Facebook App” of #GlobalCannabis http://bit.ly/2Ca555o #Cannabis #GCAC
  7. $NLH.V up +42.31% in Aug – READ: Provider of personal #homecare leaps ahead with 91% revenue growth in Q2 http://bit.ly/2PilYMz #NovaLeap #Healthcare
  8. $BNKR.C up +40% in Aug – READ: #BunkerHillMining focused on re-opening the famed #zinc, #lead, #silver mine http://bit.ly/2H2Gn8T
  9. $SLL.V up +32.08% & $STLHF +28.93% in Aug – READ: Unlocking large-scale US based #lithium brine resources with modern #technology http://bit.ly/2sA917V #StandardLithium
  10. $WMD.V up +29.73% in Aug on news: #WeedMD reports second quarter 2018 results – Fully funded with strong current cash position of $43 Million http://bit.ly/2oiw1WO #Cannabis
  11. $HRT.TO up +28.57% in Aug – READ: #HarteGold: A low cost Canadian #miner expected to be producing by Q3 2018 http://bit.ly/2MKtgYj #gold
  12. $WML.V up +27.42% & $WMLLF +22.63% in Aug – READ: Here’s why it’s time to ignore #MrMarket with #WealthMinerals’ Chilean #lithium project http://bit.ly/2LjblM2
  13. $MIT.V up +25% in Aug on news: #MintCorporation files second quarter results with a substantial gain due to debt reduction http://bit.ly/2ojUhrw #MobileWallet
  14. $CALI.C up +17.31% & $FNNZF +15.65% in Aug: #FinCanna advances second tranche of capital to #ezGreen Compliance to drive continued growth http://bit.ly/2MxlVMg #Cannabis
  15. $BSK.V up +17.24% & $BKUCF +13.36% in Aug: BlueSkyUranium’s Nikolaos Cacos on their project’s potential to be one of the world’s largest and lowest cost #uranium finds https://youtu.be/DhF7_jC1lMk #Vanadium

Also, people ask me all the time “what is happening in the market”. My response is — watch what people are watching and check our TRENDING section. Our social media director Sharron Clayton is brilliant and once a week she tweets out what is TRENDING from our site: I recommend watching this data — as our secret sauce is simple: watch and listen. Watch what others are watching and try and figure out if this is their queue for speculation, buying, selling or simply an interest in the topic…. it’s simple — it’s what works.

  1. #TrendingNow #1 on @Investor_Intel – Read: Are you looking for a #gold discovery? http://bit.ly/2AVLaX5 $RLG.C $RLGMF $CSE #stocks
  2. #TrendingNow #2 on @Investor_Intel – Read: The Single Biggest Legislative Development in the #RareEarths Market since 2010 http://bit.ly/2MUMMSm $ALK.AX $ANLKY #
  3. #TrendingNow #3 on @Investor_Intel – Read: IPOs and rising price-channels imminent indicators for an #uranium market bull run? Are we starting to climb?” http://bit.ly/2OTsklk  #stocks #CSE #TSXV #TSX #ASX
  4. #TrendingNow #4 on @Investor_Intel – Read:  Driving under the influence under the #Canada’s #Cannabis Act an unmarked road http://bit.ly/2Barhf4
  5. #TrendingNow #5 on @Investor_Intel – Read: #WeedMD takes measured steps for stronger positioning in the #cannabis market http://bit.ly/2OseFlb  $WMD.V #TSXV #stocks
  6. #TrendingNow #6 on @Investor_Intel – Read: The US #Defense ban prevents the purchase of #rareearth #magnets from #China. Find out why #AlkaneResources sees this as a boost for their A$1.3 billion Dubbo project http://bit.ly/2N0ytM1  $ALK.AX $ANLKY  #ASX #stocks
  7. #TrendingNow #7 on @Investor_Intel – Read: #CobaltBlockchain #cobalt off-take agreement and US$30 million trade finance facility turns heads http://bit.ly/2KGDurv  $COBC.V #Blockchain #Cobalt #TSXV #stocks
  8. #TrendingNow #8 on @Investor_Intel – Read: The Secret Sauce for #SocialMedia Revealed. http://bit.ly/2B84tN5 #SmallCaps #SMM
  9. #TrendingNow #9 on @Investor_Intel – Read: #FintechSelect is ready to deploy its #cryptocurrency solution across 100,000 point of sale locations http://bit.ly/2BKWZjo $FTEC.V #TSSXV #stocks
  10. #TrendingNow #10 on @Investor_Intel – Read: #CannabisBeer: The #genie is out of the bottle http://bit.ly/2MUjh6B  #Cannabis #marijuananews #Weedbeer


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    Great article …… Going to be and interesting Month!

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