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Seair’s water technology the ultimate water app for the resource sector

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water-appSeair’s water technology: the ultimate water app for oil and gas, mining, water desalination, pulp and paper industries

Seair Inc. (TSXV: SDS) is an Alberta cleantech company with its technology in operation in various sectors and with proven and commercialized technologies for gas-based water treatment: the technology put gases into liquids more effectively and with lower costs than other system in the marketplace.

What does this mean?

If Seair’s technology were an app for smartphones, kids would beg parents recklessly to download it. There would be knock offs by Chinese manufacturers.  Smartphones would be better, way cooler, faster and more energy efficient.  But Seair’s app is more than just an algorithm: it’s a cylinder with pipes and valves that turn water into something new that has unlimited potential in most industrial and manufacturing applications involving drinking water, waste water treatment (flacking waste water, oilsands, sewage, pulp and paper), process water in mining, or desalination of sea water. In short it’s a nearly universal app for the treatment of water.

How is that possible?

It works because of the way it smushes gases into water. But to understand how Seair’s technology work we have to travel back to the distant past: science classes.  Remember how supposedly water has three native states: solid, liquid or vapour. What if there was a fourth state that involves suspending a matrix of tiny bubbles of gas, any gas, in water? Water would be different from anything before: it would carry the unique properties of the gases (any gas) in an aqueous matrix.

Seair has developed a way to diffuse gas micro-bubbles into water, which makes is a super liquid with all kinds of new functionalities that come from the properties of the gases. It functionalizes water for various uses.

For those of you who paid attention in science classes: the technology provides for micro-bubble generation for dissolved air or dissolved gas flotation, includes retro-fits of less efficient systems, and to create silky-smooth high viscosity aerated or blended liquids, and/or for solvent extraction for example for treating hydrostatic fracturing flow-back water and oil/water separation, and/or for emulsion breaking for example for treating fracturing flow-back water and oil/water separation for tight emulsions, and/or for aiding in reducing dissolved biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) or chemical oxygen demand (COD), and/or for assisting in the dissolution of ozone in water.

This water diffusion process is disruptive in that it permits to do things that were never done before. Imagine if miners were able to displace hydrochloric acid with carbon dioxide in their mineral extraction processes to incur less chemical costs, and less environmental risk. Imagine if we could eliminate most of the chlorine out of swimming pools by infusing water with tiny bubbles of chlorine that remain in suspension in water indefinitely. Imagine if we could reduce the cost of bio-digestion of sewage? Well, Seair’s water diffusion technology does all these.

In the energy world, demand side management of electrical usage is by far the most profitable and cost-effective way to reduce energy cost, which is exactly what Seair’s technology does because it is based on a physical alteration of water and gases rather than chemistry.

It’s a gas for business development.

Seair is currently focused on building strategic partner relationships to gain market shares in the various applications its water treatment technologies. I think the biggest challenge for management is to decide which market segment is going to pick up the fastest.

Dr. Luc Duchesne


Dr. Luc C. Duchesne is a Speaker and Author with a PhD in Biochemistry. With three decades of scientific and business experience, he has published ... <Read more about Dr. Luc Duchesne>

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