Pay attention to the media flag on a play for the rare earths market field

“Is Teenage Head still around?” I asked the doorman incredulously on Saturday evening, as I entered the Rockpile to see a tribute band for The Who that a family member had insisted I attend last night. “Teenage Head?” she started, “are you kidding – we have the Killer Dwarfs returning next month!” she finished enthusiastically. How can early eighties bands survive and just stay the same when so much of the rest of our lives is so very different, I wondered.

Having invested part of my Saturday looking at family photos from the late seventies, early eighties, I was considering how news stories in the seventies arrived only three ways: telephone, mail and the newspaper. Siphoned through media sieves, public perception was easily manipulated — we believed the news. Today, with endless data outlets and media streams than ever imagined, at moments I feel as if I know less, and trust nothing.

So yesterday, when I examined our Top 10 columns in our Trending section (listed below), I paused as this is a highly unusual week and am calling a flag on a play for the rare earths market field! With 7 out of the 10 columns that are presently most read on being about rare earths this is indeed a rare readership trend indeed. So I text messaged an associate in the industry in NYC this morning who is also following this trend — and he text messaged me back an interview with a CNN story on Hong Kong enters 11th consecutive weekend, a piece on how rare earths are China’s nuclear option in trade war with U.S. and a headline story on how Beijing warns US ‘will bear all consequences’ after $8billion jet deal. In doing my own search, I see that the only non-Chinese producing rare earths public company Lynas is headlining with its own issues with Hundreds of protesters gather to slam Malaysia’s decision on Lynas.

My point? The news feed flow suggests we have another rare earths and critical materials bubble preparing to start. This said, with gold +$1500, I do not see this translating to the exploration market (yet), is there any reason to believe we are going to see any immediate action in the rare earths market? My answer is — it seems likely.

Let’s consider this angle. In my experience investors that play the market need an ability to invest on what’s happening geopolitically, and with few rare earths’ companies in existence outside of China this should be a bonanza for any shareholder lucky enough to have picked one of the rising stars. And yes, I will publish a list for you of who the front runners are, as there are simply not many to pick from, but let’s start by reviewing what the InvestorIntel was reading over the last week —- as its going to be an exciting week it seems from our Trending indicators.

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