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Kirill Klip on the 2,898% jump in global demand for lithium

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In the last interview of 2017, InvestorIntel’s Peter Clausi interviews Kirill Klip Chairman and CEO for International Lithium Corp. (TSXV: ILC).

Peter Clausi: For our last talk of the year let us talk about International Lithium where you are the executive chair. International Lithium is a fairly well known company with a fairly well known story, but you have hit milestones lately that are important to the investors. Last time we talked about London black cabs; that the first electric cabs are now running in London. Can you talk about this for us?

Kirill Klip: Yeah, that is true Peter. That is true. This world is changing so fast. I would like to start with one, but very important number. It is 2,898%. This is the jump in demand for lithium, which the UBS estimates will happen in 100% EV world — 2,898%.

Peter Clausi: That is from the UBS report, right?

Kirill Klip: Yeah, that is right. It is from the UBS report not from my blog anymore. By the way all of our viewers should check it. It has all the latest updates.

Peter Clausi: The greatest demand in the UBS report would have been for lithium. The second was for cobalt. For those of you who have not read it, UBS tore a Chevy Volt apart and said, if every car was made like this, how would that affect world commodities?

Kirill Klip: That is totally right Peter.

Peter Clausi: And number one was lithium.

Kirill Klip: Number one was lithium with an incredible 2,898%. Cobalt was following. It was the second one. What it means is electric cars are coming at a much faster pace than a lot of people are still anticipating. For years I have been writing on my blog about this electric future. Now it is happening. Iconic London cabs are going electric. You know what makes a difference Peter? You are making a lot of investors this year very interested in cobalt companies, right? I do the same now with International Lithium. I used to call people for weeks to get just an appointment, but now everybody is calling me and our team is out there telling the story. You know what is interesting, you go out to meet investment bankers and now they are driving Teslas or they are coming to the meetings now in electric black cabs.

You do not have to prove anything anymore. It is very simple. It is important for me because electric cars are here. If you are interested in what is happening here, but you are on this side of the port of the U.K. right now, we just managed to make a very important number when the electric car sales in the U.K. jumped over 2% in total car sales in the U.K. and now we pushed the 2.4% mark. Just a few short months ago all the world was just watching the so important 1% mark for electric cars.

Peter Clausi: Let us talk big picture then. Globally in 2018, how many electric vehicles do you think will be sold? — to access the complete interview, click here

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