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InvestorIntel’s Top 10 Trending Buzzworthy Stories

| November 13, 2017 | 4 Comments

Did you know that InvestorIntel has a TRENDING section? Well, we do (click here) and every Friday, our social media director Sue Glover tweets out the top 10. You may find this quite interesting…

NioCorp Developments Ltd. (TSX: NB | OTCQX: NIOBF) is presently TRENDING #1 on #InvestorIntel with The Dawn of a #Niobium and #Scandium Renaissance – “With total lifetime revenue of $17.6bn #ElkCreek can make the US one of the top #superalloy suppliers in the world” http://bit.ly/2gCiYeH

On Thursday, I am meeting with eCobalt Solutions, Inc.’s management for a coffee meeting to discuss our 7th Annual Technology Metals Summit on May 3-4, 2018 with this next year’s theme: “A Better Battery”. Our audience is loving battery metals, and TRENDING #2 on #InvestorIntel with Positive Feasibility Study Results Reinforce #eCobalt’s Leadership Position in U.S. #Cobalt Market — “Analyst says “#cobalt will likely move into supply deficit sometime (very shortly)” http://bit.ly/2ypC4iK

Peter Clausi text messaged me yesterday to say he was off to Vancouver for a few days. He is our compliance expert and speaking of cobalt — is the CEO for CBLT Inc. TRENDING #3 on #InvestorIntel – Formal Brief to Minister on #CASL recommends “Bring back the Lawyers” http://bit.ly/2irhzfc

Noted some substantial news for I-Minerals Inc. this morning, and saw that our analyst Raj Shah tweeted out: #IMinerals begins pilot plant production of #MetaKaolin at #FLSmidth http://bit.ly/2iTdWv9

The CEO for I-Minerals is TRENDING #4 with an interview with our very own Jeff Wareham — WATCH: “A gold mine without the gold”- WATCH Tom Conway President of I-Minerals Inc. discuss their fully permitted Bovill Kaolin industrial minerals project in #Idaho – https://youtu.be/rz7DXE2Byhc

We are trying to talk Mark Smith into being one of our keynote speakers again for this next years #TMS2018 and yes, one of our columnists — EU Editor, Christopher Ecclestone has been a ‘bull driver’ with vanadium. So is should be no surprise that TRENDING #5 on #InvestorIntel –  Numbers just keep climbing for #vanadium producer: Analyst: “ #Largo has made a habit of beating production records as #vanadium market explodes” –  http://bit.ly/2z9ufM3  $LGO $LGORF

On Wednesday, I was inundated with emails on the CAMECO news. One source wrote: “Cameco has announced that it will be suspending operations at McArthur River and Key Lake for 10 months. It has also cut its dividend.  This is the type of supply side shock that is positive for the market (but negative for Cameco in the short term).”

Additionally, we got Dr. Richard Spencer of U308 Corp. to start writing for InvestorIntel again. Of course, we do not know how he will have time as I see that Raj tweeted out this AM: $UWE up +64.71% on no news: #U3O8 raises gross proceeds of C$517,000 in a private placement http://bit.ly/2zFKil0

Johannesburg based Editor and Analyst Lara Smith is TRENDING #6 for the last 30-days for us on #InvestorIntel with – Gearing Up For A New #Uranium Boom – Analyst: “Uranium is currently more of a buyer’s market than it has ever been…” http://bit.ly/2hKDtak

We had Mohammad Abuleil of Fintech Select Ltd. in our office for an interview on Wednesday. Hot is the #cryptocurrency market as $FTEC.V was up +55.56% last week as #FintechSelect announced the upcoming launch of physical #Bitcoins http://bit.ly/2hXvvup

Likewise, TRENDING #7 on #InvestorIntel is The Uberization of #Cryptocurrency : “#FintechSelect  has developed financial technology platforms that permits any business or person to set up their own #cryptocurrency, a me-coin”  http://bit.ly/2ymCvus

Did you know Ucore Rare Metals Inc.’s Advisory Board member Dr. Reed Izaat is a contributing editor for #InvestorIntel? His columns always break records and TRENDING #8 on #InvestorIntel is his article – #Cadmium: A Highly Toxic Metal with Extensive Commercial Use – Read the latest from Dr. Reed Izatt on Cadmium and how #MRT can ensure safe recycling –  http://bit.ly/2ii5qJI

New client we are loving is CKR Carbon Corporation with co-CEO’s Arno Brand and Sheldon Inwetash….did you know that one of their Advisory Board members Dr. Ian Flint is also an InvestorIntel contributing editor? And TRENDING #9 on #InvestorIntel – Finalist Gather in Race for #Graphite Production: “With the magic words being Production Production and #CKR having a past-producer in its hands, the potential is there to fast-track this operation to remain in contention as the finalists gather for the Graphite Stakes http://bit.ly/2y9nD2r

Moving into TRENDING #9 on #InvestorIntel this morning however is Lara Smith’s piece — #Alkane at the front of the line for zirconium and rare earths http://bit.ly/2zUEgvF

On Friday, TRENDING #10 on #InvestorIntel was – #Graphene Changing the Face of the #Construction Industry: @AdrianNixon provides analysis and insight on Single Crystal Graphene, where we are and how it will revolutionize the construction industry http://bit.ly/2wLx7wF

But this morning, we have Lithium Australia taking this spot with newly TRENDING #10 on #InvestorIntel this AM: Disruptive #lithium processing tech company completes due diligence for acquisition http://bit.ly/2itPtA2

And they had a great week last week as well with: $LIT up +16.67% last wk on news: #LithiumAustralia offers priority share offer for #BlackEarthMinerals http://bit.ly/2AnIyfm #Graphite #Lithium

Not to be confused with the TSX Venture listed $LIT: $LIT.V up +40.98% & $PNXLF +25.05% last wk as #ArgentinaLithium acquired entire #Salar in #Catamarca Province http://bit.ly/2j5nHdk #Lithium

Sent an email to Weiguo Lang congratulating Ultra Lithium on another amazing week again last week, we tweeted out this AM: $ULI.V up +66.67% last wk on news: #UltraLithium receives assay results from exploration work at #Catamarca http://bit.ly/2zrq1jf #Lithium

On Friday evening, I met a gentleman from Appian Capital along with Nigel Lees of Sage Gold that just announce First Gold Production from Clavos Mine http://bit.ly/2AmkFoH last week…

Appian of course is an ardent supporter of Peak Resources, and it should be of note that we tweeted out this morning: $PEK up +30.61% last wk – READ: #PeakResources positioned to capitalize on the explosive EV marketplace… http://bit.ly/2tRmHwB #RareEarths #REE

On final notes, I wrote Bruce Reid this morning and we are delighted to see — $LSL up +21.21% last wk – READ: #BunkerHill – A #Zinc Mammoth Reborn http://bit.ly/2shD7dE #BunkerHillMining

And the refocus for BlueOcean is working for shareholders as: $BOC.V up +16.67% last wk on no news: #CarbonDioxide Delivery Technology Provides #BlueOcean Market Advantage http://bit.ly/2A3LyOM

…which by the way is an intriguing story on the impact of carbon dioxide in water delivery to greenhouse plants.

Thank you for visiting InvestorIntel — we have a lot of surprises for our readership this week, including our 1st official news release coming out on the 7th Annual Technology Metals Summit scheduled for May 3-4, 2018 with the theme, A Better Battery….

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  • Kelly Bird

    The trending section is my favourite section on InvestorIntel.com. I always look forward to checking to see what’s ‘hot’ on InvestorIntel.com for that day…

    On another note, we will be interviewing BlueOcean’s new CEO John Archibald tomorrow — I am excited to hear what they have been up too!

    November 13, 2017 - 10:37 AM

  • IntriguedInvestor

    Enjoy the trending section and often surprised to see what others are reading….. great feature. Find myself reading and learning about companies and projects I never would have had exposure to otherwise.

    November 14, 2017 - 8:37 AM

  • Robert Freedman

    It’s always good to see digests of this sort. It really takes the sting out of research!

    November 15, 2017 - 12:21 PM

  • IntriguedInvestor

    So true Robert. I have found this resource to be invaluable!

    November 16, 2017 - 11:38 AM

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