Give it away for free now?

Calandra“It is impossible to discourage the real writers — they don’t give a damn what you say, they’re going to write.” — Sinclair Lewis

Today I was contemplating the lifestyle of a writer as I was considering what to send a friend of mine whose birthday it is today. Most of my friends are writers, and in this new age of online content, content – and more content: I rise every morning with an even greater commitment to seek out the world’s best writers because it truly does matter to me that they not only get published, they get paid.

As a Publisher, I see endless repaginated content, drivel and fluff; but it is truly the immeasurable treasure when I stumble across great prose, and information that often unwittingly leads us all to a greater understanding. Whether it’s a new treatment for cancer, a robot that will clean our homes, or a geopolitical summary that brings wisdom and understanding – or unveiling yet another critical material that we need for technological advancements, hold onto your seats as we up the online game the old fashioned way: great content.

Today, the online challenge for great content presently reminds me of my days in the music industry when Napster hit. I remember those days. There was no stopping Napster, and many musicians struggling to get their music heard were so happy to have this new outlet for stepping over the record label giants that stood between them and their fame – that the entire music industry was decimated. The same holds true for writers today, as many of the top online sources from the Huffington Post to endless media outlets around the world, do not pay for the writer’s content because they are offering ‘exposure’.

Now that’s a race, but to where?

Lots of online companies have offered me free publishing and gargantuan and substantial distribution deals with numbers that would blow my mind…if…if I did not have the benefit of age. That’s right – I am bragging about my age. 45 years old everybody, my mistakes, errors and injuries along the way have taught me that numbers are meaningless if my writer is on the fast track to rehab, or cannot afford to see their children due to the prohibitive lifestyle of living off of ‘exposure’.

“Your industry needs to have some M&A’s” said one client on Friday. “I disagree” I responded. The beautiful and immense oasis of the online universe is unlike some sectors, it is getting larger. Success online equates with energy in, and reflects and translates individuality well. I am going to keep up the hunt for great writers, analysts and experts for commentary, interviews and content that will build one of the smartest audiences in the world alongside our members. And together we will reward the most talented, passionate and knowledgeable of writers the old fashioned way – income.

So Happy Birthday Thom Calandra, one of our numerous friends and occasional guest editors on InvestorIntel – would like to thank you for your dedication to writing TCR, and for anyone that wants to learn more about Thom, click here.