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Contagious Gaming adds Gaming to “Things as certain as Death, and Taxes”

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soccer ballContagious Gaming Inc. (TSXV: CNS), reminds us that the World Wide Web has changed the world unmistakably. It announced recently that its Goal Time offering is going live in Nigeria and Ghana for Barclays Premier League matches. Goal Time is a first of its kind, lottery-style game for soccer where players bet real money for a share of escalating jackpots.

Daniel Defoe is best known as the author of Robinson Crusoe, published in 1719, but in 1726 Daniel Defoe (The Political History of the Devil) wrote: “Things as certain as Death and Taxes, can be more firmly believ’d.”  However, if Defoe were living among us now he would have been witnessing the X-Box takeover, and he would most likely write:  “Things as certain as Death, Gaming and Taxes, can be more firmly believ’d.”

Indeed, online gaming related to professional sports has become a global cultural phenomenon with a fan base as high as 70% of the U.S.’s adult population and 73% of the U.K.’s adult population.

Professional sports and their passionate fans have created lucrative industries across many markets by successfully targeting the most coveted demographic of “young males with disposable income.”

Although the mobile industry is a relatively more recent player to join the table, recent research shows time spent with mobile sports apps globally rose 210% between August 2013 and August 2014!

The mobile industry represents as much as 90% of the sports industry growth in the future. Furthermore, the mobile industry has naturally expanded into gambling, morphing the two into a formidable partnership. Contagious Gaming is one such company, which has spotted a promising niche within the mobile soccer betting market, not only in Europe and the US, but also in Africa, and more especially in Nigeria.

Contagious Gaming is the developer and provider of a focused range of software-based gaming solutions aimed at engaging players and encouraging repeat customers through its proprietary technological suite, which manages all aspects of real-money gaming, including:  gaming engines, player management tools, game application interface, payment systems interface, data feed handler, affiliate management, presentation layer, and a proprietary centralized ewallet.

Goal Time’s simplicity explains its addictive appeal. Players can bet which team will score a goal within a five-minute window of a soccer game. If the team scores a goal within the predicted window, the player now has a winning ticket. At the end of the game, the jackpot is split equally among all the holders of winning tickets. 65% of amounts bet are added to the jackpot and the bets can be made before the start of the game, or throughout the game itself. As such, jackpots dynamically grow over the course of the match. There are more advanced wagering opportunities where players can bet on different amounts of goals within the 5-minute windows and subsequently win larger jackpots. Contagious retains 10.4% of amounts wagered as its revenue. Therefore, once a game generates sufficient entry fees/liquidity, Contagious is not exposed to potential losses. Contagious is currently developing a mobile app for the game, which should offer a superior user experience and attract more players.

Nigeria is the most engaged soccer market in the world. A staggering 83% of its population is interested in soccer (compared to 52% in the U.K.). Nigeria is second only to the U.K. in watching the Barclays Premier League on TV. Thirty percent of Nigerians actively engage in sport betting and spend an average US$ 15 a day (or US$ 4.2B a year).

The launch of Goal Time in Nigeria is appealing to investors as since it is done in partnership with Manyx Interactive Ltd. Manyx has agreed to do the actual marketing and distributing of Goal Time in various African jurisdictions across several media outlets– digital, radio, TV, newsprint, billboards, Facebook, Twitter and SMS at no cost to Contagious.

Moreover, Contagious will still receive a 15% share of bets placed without the need to establish any sort of operation in Africa. This way Contagious makes revenues as certain as Death and Taxes.

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