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Financial Horoscope for the Week of September 4-8, 2017

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Entertainment fields take an interesting turn as new doors open in the avenue of major companies. Watch for new project starts around the globe regarding construction and the impact these projects are likely to have on the communities around them. A surprising revelation changes the focus of the healing fields and new products coming to light. Watch for announcements regarding changes in investment practices regarding formerly stable company patterns. As new information comes to light it is time to reassess your current investments to ensure you are on the right path for you.

New Rare Earth deposits are located in Northern reaches, setting the stage for further testing. Research in these areas sets the stage for great returns in the near future. Changing priorities in energy based technology prompts new growth in Wind and Water companies focusing on mass production and community-based projects. Clarity regarding your own investment goals is critical to staying on the path that is right for you, so be sure to talk to the ones you trust regarding your personal options. Public opinion shifts in new technologies and health related fields prompting potential gains in related fields. Watch for sudden shifting in your holdings of mid-level industry holdings.

Attention to the entertainment fields brings new insights and opportunities to light regarding reasonable returns on investments. The early part of the week sets the focus on home and family-based announcements leading to changes in availability of new technologies. By week’s end there is a shift in concentration to foreign entertainment-based investments with particular note of real-estate purchases and alterations.

Focus on the stocks you currently hold that have a direct impact on your own life choices as changes within your holdings could net huge returns. Investments held in financial companies could slip a little, but do not panic as they are likely to bounce back the in the coming weeks. Be cautious regarding new investment directions today as impulsive buying is likely to result in financial set-backs that are difficult to recover from.

Talk to your investment professional regarding a “feeling” you have involving communication technologies as Eastern investment options open up access to new fields of research. Orbital technologies take a serious turn for the better, especially in the area of long-range communication, but be cautious of over-investing as the growth is likely to be gradual, but steady.

Technology based investments in the healing fields, especially regarding family wellness, rises to the top of your attention as new developments are brought to light. A shift in the focus on natural resources, specifically regarding nutrition and herbal remedies brings marked improvements to investment levels. This may be a time to consider diversification (talk to your chosen professional regarding this complicated decision) as the timely sale of some of your holdings could lead to major returns.

Investing in new Herbal fields of exploration is likely to cause major returns in the coming weeks, but watch for a sudden down-turn in your holdings as news is leaked concerning future growth patterns. A focus on communication lines and transportation leads to great financial increases especially in areas where community issues have come to light on a global level.

This is the time to focus on community based investments as changes in company holdings in the entertainment fields lead to new doors being opened. A change in foreign policy regarding travel is likely to result in the release of new communication based technologies, and thus set the stage for serious changes in financial returns. Be sure to discuss the decisions you are considering, with those you trust.

Foreign investors focusing on domestic investments in social programs lead to higher returns than expected. A new direction in company focus raises concerns regarding future exploration regarding herbal remedies and treatments. Now is the time to reassess your focus in your family oriented investments, but remember to discuss your options with one you trust.

New insights come to light regarding the path you are currently following as it pertains to domestic investments in the energy fields. Reports of new energy sources come to light through an unexpected source, leading to speculation and subsequent instability in formerly trusted companies. Be sure to talk to your trusted advisors before committing to a new level of diversification as there may be more to the situation than you are personally aware of.

Legal entanglements regarding companies involved in technology metal exploration and/or exploitation, could result in serious, unexpected shift in profit lines. Watch for an unexpected shift of focus in your holdings as this could be indicative of a collapse of stock value. Close contact with those you trust with your investments is critical at this time as things could shift with little to now warning. A drop in your holdings in these companies may be necessary to avoid undesired losses.

Hidden information comes to light regarding domestic investments in the real-estate fields, especially regarding new community projects. Unpleasant news reports lead to instability in your construction holdings, so be sure to watch for unplanned changes in profit lines. This is the time to consider diversification into the health fields and the Herbal based research as new discoveries open the door to increased profit margins.

Communication based investments on foreign soil lead to a marked increase in profitability, though there is still room for improvement. Take the time to talk things over with those you trust as a shift in transportation holdings lead to a new level of prosperity but it is up to you to choose if that is the path you personally desire to follow. Pay close attention to popular opinion regarding new technologies coming to light in the healing fields, especially in the controversial community-based fields.

Rapid shifting in communication and mental health fields in your holdings leads to potentially great returns. Talk to your trusted consultants regarding your current diversified holdings thereby capitalizing on the new opportunities as they come to light. A shift in northern exploration concentrations opens the door to a better return on your finances, though it is critical you stay focused on your long-term goals at this time.

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