Financial Horoscope for the Week of August 28-September 1, 2017

Movement is likely to be stable in many of the investment and entertainment fields in general, especially early in the week. However, as the weekend arrives, it will become necessary to put plans in motion to capitalize on the upcoming shifts. The areas of new vacation-based investments are likely to take an interesting turn this week as people start to look to diversify holdings in order to make the most of new opportunities coming to light. A quick change later in the week in the fields of digital communication could result in some exciting times, so watch for indicators to this effect, early in the week.

There is likely to be a stabilizing effect on the areas surrounding areas where exploration into rare earth deposits and stock-piles, is beginning near water, especially in warmer regions. Wind-based technologies may fluctuate near the middle of the week, so be sure you don’t over-react on a down-turn in your stocks. The odds are very good the stocks will rebound better than before, but be sure to make your own educated choices as YOU are the only one that can be successful for YOU. As new insights come to light regarding natural remedies as compared to pharmaceuticals, there is likely to be a destabilizing effect on the market leading to some very exciting times for investors and companies alike.

The communication fields are almost certain to hold your attention this week, but be sure to watch for minor fluctuations early on before committing to a severe change in your portfolio. This is a good week for the Entertainment field for you, especially among filming/shooting locations and properties. Be sure to do your necessary research regarding stocks you have been holding for a long-time as this may be the time to diversify, but be sure to trust your own research and decisions as you are the one this all revolves around.

Real-estate close to resort locations could prove to be very profitable for you at this time, but be sure to watch the proximity to water as this could complicate land values. A new piece of information comes to you through a stable contact leading to an improvement in your current holdings, especially where oil is concerned, but remain cognizant of change to your holdings in the communications fields, especially those associated with Radio and supporting technologies.

Communication lines are likely to be complicated at this time, focus on your research and sudden changes in broadcasting technologies, and conductive metals. New power source research is also likely to be intriguing for you at this time, but be certain you don’t over-extend your funds as the field is still very unstable, though exciting at the same time. The end of the week is likely to bring more clarity to future shifts as new discoveries are unveiled in the fields of Astrophysics and Exploration.

Domestic investments in Rare-Earth deposits are likely to do well this week as are the areas of Gold and Silver. However, be careful when considering currency exchanges as there is an underlying concern due to political complications in many countries. A change in medical research is likely to result in some instability in your portfolio so watch for tell-tale signs of a downward spike (you may have to act quickly to compensate for holding in your area.

Real-estate takes an interesting turn in your area leading to potentially sound investments, especially in the residential fields involved in new starts. Connecting with professionals in the communications field abroad is likely to result in a good profit, but watch the local political arena and news casts in order to gauge if the particular area is a good one. As the end of the week approaches, it is imperative you assess your focus and look to change your portfolio around energy research.

Geological research focusing on Heavy metals is likely to result in a good profit, though check for reports of tectonic instability in the areas you are considering before putting your money into play. New gemstone deposits in central West Africa look promising especially near the western border of the Sahara Desert. Communication from a long-standing colleague is likely to put you on the path of a great opportunity for investing, but remember to trust your own instincts above all else.

Communication and Entertainment fields, though changeable early in the week are likely to prove profitable by the end of the week. Watch for changes in the new actors (and their movies) as a bright start is set to shine in the way of a surprising new addition on the scene. Travel destinations may provide good insight into medical research, especially in the Southern Hemisphere so do your research thoroughly before committing a lot of your assets.

Research in new areas of Rare Earth and magnetic conductivity provides a new source of income that is likely to lead to great profits. Be aware the changes could take some time to really take off, but the growth, when it starts will likely be dramatic. Be aware of spiking energy deposits as new forms of energy are developed. This is a good time to look to nature’s energies and research into quantum-magnetics as new developments come to light.

Legal shifts may cause complication for major players in foreign investments so be aware of the likely shifts in the reactions of other investors as going against the grain may prove to be more profitable than you are expecting. Unexpected decisions create instability in supporting industries linked to communications so be cautious when looking to alter the current path your portfolio in these areas are following.

A change in public awareness regarding current shifts in border security and/or travel, leads to new opportunities in Real-estate investments. Mining and space exploration technologies open new doors for expansion in your portfolio, but remember to check your sources carefully, especially regarding little known contracts with conflicting interests, before making a final decision. The early part of the week finds meetings regarding foreign relations instrumental in decisions affecting communication fields and technologies.

Entertainment industries and supporting technologies take an interesting turn due to political interactions among varying partners. A shift in research concentration leads to new discoveries in power relay equipment in domestic fields. Watch for the reactions of other industry leaders to gauge which new investments to look to but be sure you don’t divert too much of your liquid assets into emerging yet unstable areas. A quick shift in direction regarding Herbal and/or agricultural investments is likely to provide an exciting, yet profitable shift in your portfolio.

Be aware of the way you are personally feeling regarding your investments this week as this is likely to affect your clarity. Shifts in the pharmaceutical fields of mental stability opens the door to new research and opportunity, especially in smaller companies and new players in these fields. It is critical at this time that you are clear with the individual responsible for handling your portfolio, regarding the direction you desire things to move, especially regarding exploration technologies and environmental impacts.