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As we prepare for the onslaught of media coverage on Bob Woodward’s book Fear this morning, appropriately released on the 17th anniversary of 911: may I propose a different, more useful word of the day?

Allow me to graciously recommend the word fearless.

It was 1993 when I was in the 1st World Trade Center explosion with my children. I remember, because I experienced an unusual high through survival: I experienced the thrill of pure fearlessness. An energy rush for almost 6-months, the end result was I left Manhattan, joined the music industry and moved to Canada. I have lived here ever since.

Let’s talk….

A counterintuitive response to the fear response, I have in my life existence found that the fearless emotive response is not only one of the most powerful emotions a person can feel, but one of the most liberating one that one can experience for a full throttle life experience.

Intriguingly, I can’t seem to get the dictionaries to agree on the meaning. Collins dictionary online says to “live in the absence of fear”, others like the Urban Dictionary claim that it means that “Fearless is not the absence of fear…(it’s) living in spite of those things that scare you to death.”

How about we rewrite this definition to mean: to truly live, one must live without fear.

Allow me to make this point with 3 examples from the last 24 hours and then I will share with you InvestorIntel’s Top 10 Trending stories for the week….

Yesterday, I was advised of a challenge that occurred with the funds invested from a couple involved in one of our client’s raises. This lovely couple who has been in business for decades were duly shaken up from an apparent banking debacle, I reached out to a respected professional for assistance who responded the way I did, with a simple “I don’t know”. Taking a moment, I considered the situation, then I reached out to a friend I would describe as fearless. His response was simple: “this an easy one”. It doesn’t matter how this played out, the point was just in his response, the couple started calming down immediately…

I thought about this last night….am I still fearless, or have I become too cautious in living?

That brings me to a young professional working on our team. Yesterday, he pointed out that a stock he was watching on Friday moved up 30% since Friday afternoon when he drew my attention to it. Now fearless is usually used to describe the youth, people who lack experience or the long-term consequence of their actions; and as I pointed out to this youngster, its nice that this stock moved up, but before he goes into buying stock an OTC stock at 3:34PM on a Friday afternoon, appreciate that he could lose everything.

There we go, I thought — fear happens to those of us that have something to lose, not those of us that have everything to win.

Proud of myself yesterday for this advice, this morning I am wondering how good it would have been for his confidence had he had the money to invest to have gone all in and made 30% in 1-day?

The cannabis market is intriguing in that many investors have experienced this market high. And while I maintain that fearlessness is an attribute, not understanding (for instance) what your investing in – is not. But what’s the worst that would have happened other than him losing all of his money? Because in this case he would have won.

So, my final example is a friend that I have that is not flourishing in his existing professional environment. How many people do you know that genuinely loathe their work? Or worse, they ‘dislike’ it and have no idea why other than perhaps they stay in their roles due to fear of being unemployed. This is a hard one and as an entrepreneur that lives with the metaphoric cliffs of the ocean on either side of capital deep seas in a regular day, what if and I do mean what can possibly happen if they just quit?

Perhaps the argument is the same as the smallcap investor deciding if they should re-invest as they just lost 5k in the last one they were sure would make them 10k. Friend’s whispers include “are you crazy?” “wait until you have another job.” But at the end of the day, the real success stories are always about the ones that risked it all and won. As you cannot just place your toe in the water to taste success. At the end of the day to test the waters, you must jump all in. And today’s piece is a nod of acknowledgement to all of the InvestorIntel members, whose team and management are all the way in. Today, I would like to do a special nod to CO2 GRO Inc. (TSXV: GROW) as this management team is one that I would qualify as fearless.

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