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COVID-19 Countdown: Out of our hands – for now.

| April 03, 2020 | 1 Comment

As of 8 PM EST there were 975,835 COVID-19 cases record, 49,479 deaths: flash to Canada, we have 11,131 cases, 161 deaths as rare earths expert Alastair Neill apprises me. A statistician, hard data geek by every angle – Alastair is sending me a daily excel worksheet of cases and deaths (source), with some unique graphs on what countries are performing better than others.

His point? The USA is moving too quickly, we all know it. 240,511 cases, 5,810 deaths – while the data is questionable from all sources, the data we are all being fed shows that the American cases are moving disproportionately to the rest of the world. The USA now has 23.8% of the global COVID-19 cases and 11% of the deaths, they are only 4.3% of the world’s population.

With conflicting data sources everywhere, I challenge any assumptions beyond the generalization we can all agree on that indeed we are experiencing a pandemic. Not enough tests, some experts claim that we should only be counting the infected not the asymptomatic cases. It doesn’t matter, it’s out of my hands — for now.

Arguably life is quite simple with this existing crisis presently in that it commands our attention. Working in the public markets we have extended all our advertisement contracts with our members by 60-days; we are going to wait it out with June 1st our target date to — deal with it then…

So, here are your charts c/o Alastair Neil – we will publish them weekly until we eventually see, like any stock story, a flattening, and then a downward curve. Have a good weekend, stay safe and be healthy!


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  • Alastair

    Thanks for taking the analysis of a geek with time on his hands and turning it into understandable English. I agree the data is sketchy due to lack of testing or misdiagnoses of causes of deaths. Under reporting may also play into this as some are questioning the Chinese data. Maybe going forward I will review data ex China. However we can only look at this from a trends perspective going forward. I hope all stay safe

    April 3, 2020 - 6:24 PM

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