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How Lucky prepared us for COVID-19, and introducing the Investor Talks Series

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A good friend of mine always reminds me that the real secret to business success is to always start by identifying the pain points and then, offer a solution. COVID-19 offered multiplicitous challenges for our clients this year from unprecedented social media harassment to standstill sales. We, like many others have been quietly watching and assessing patterns brought forth from the pandemic with the clear understanding that this is not over.

Surprised by some of the surging stock prices of some of our star performers (charts below), from Exro Technologies Inc. (CSE: XRO | OTCQB: EXROF) to Predictmedix Inc. (CSE: PMED | OTCQB: PMEDF), I guess we thought our market would be as compromised as our social schedule?

None of us could predict anything.

The illustrious COVID-19 Pandora’s Box that braised us all has been kinder on us than most because of our interest in the critical materials sector. Rolling out the Technology Metals Show with Jack Lifton a month ago and having interviewed everyone from Constantine Karayannopoulos to Randy Scott, Jack’s commentary resonated with audiences with a formula that anyone could have predicted — dependency that is off-balance with others makes one weak.


Investing in technology and inspired by who would win the COVID-19 race in the marketplace, we started InvestorChannel.com and rolled out a COVID-19 Stock Watchlist. Another predictable formula was that whomever came across the finish line with a vaccination was going to clearly be the stock to have invested in. Following the Top 20 capital markets companies as identified by the Milken Institute, we thought — wow, this watchlist is really cool, what else can we do…

So, we did.

We started with an InvestorChannel Gold Watchlist, sponsored by our friends at Quebec Precious Metals Corp. (TSXV: CJC | OTCBB: CJCGG), we identified 20 gold companies we were interested in and created a Top 5 Performer list. Daily updates rolled out at market close, published on InvestorChannel.com, we then programmed these 2 Watchlists to go live on InvestorIntel.com at market close daily.

Then, we built the daily Canadian Market Watchlist, the US Market Watchlist and then started with sectors we loved next…

We rolled out a Uranium Market Watchlist, which Fission Uranium Corp. (TSX: FCU | OTCQX: FCUUF) graciously sponsored. Again, live on the InvestorChannel.com, then published and distributed on InvestorIntel.com and then tweeted out through @InvestorChanel, @Investor_Intel and as often as I could personally via @TracyWeslosky. Allow us to thank everyone who follows us, we follow you back!

And of course, we could not do this without a Rare Earths Watchlist, rising leader in the critical materials sector Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU | TSX: EFR) stepped in. We have enjoyed their webcasts during this crisis.

So, what now?

Flashback: In 2001 we were on Bay Street before we moved to Richmond Street West where we would be headquartered for more than a decade. We moved out of the King Edward office 2 years ago, then tried a loft on Sumach – the idea was simple. A cool trendy 2600+ square feet in the ole CBC Production studios to bring in clients, hang out and drink coffee. The idea was an esports center where we could film interviews, no one was prepared for the critical downfall of this plan…no one liked my cat.

Apparently quite a few people are allergic to cats. Watching several people dance around hopping from foot to foot and declaring that they would be covered in hives if the cat was not removed instantly! With this, my grey fuzzy cat named Lucky with the big green eyes had created a do or die situation for me… it was either move him countryside and only seem him on weekends or move my office.

We moved the studio and by mid-February, we were fully functional in our homes. Looking back – I guess we have Lucky the Cat to credit for preparing us for this pandemic.

Now withstanding the many real issues, we are contending with like everyone over COVID-19’s challenges to our business, the coronavirus has not been without many positives for our team. Inspiring creativity– expect numerous news releases in the next quarter, this has been the catalyst for collaborations.

And this was not without input from our amazing audience —  with texts, tweets and emails that included: “can you coordinate presentations online?”, “have you cancelled your 8th Annual Technology Metals Summit, are you doing it online?” or “when is your next ii6 and are you doing this online?”

And here was our thought…we did not know what to do, so we waited.

We watched others do online virtual conferences and we asked for feedback from both audience and presenters. Online events are boring said some. I mean without the interactive component, the occasional heckling, the debate – interest we can see is already subsiding. After all, it’s just a talking head without the fun of people coming together.

So, we decided to try something different. While online presentations are indeed a necessary evil, we asked ourselves how we could do make this interactive and as close to as a social experience while allowing us to drink coffee and take notes…

Drum roll…

Would you like to engage with 4-5 relatively interesting peers in a 25-30 minute webcast where instead of you hitting mute while you continue your binge watching of Netflix in the background while they flip through 40+ pages of slides (we ask companies to limit slide decks to 15-18) and have a real discussion with the CEO of one of a potentially rising market stars? Discuss with your peers what is really happening in their sector and have a real heart to heart on the merits of their business model?

It gets better…

While I love Zoom and Skype for different reasons, we have opted to utilize Moovly Media Inc.’s (TSXV: MVY) MVC system. No downloading of anything, you just hit our confidential link and ‘bam’ your live and at the event – in a matter of seconds.

Sending out the 1st invitations to our private list later today for one on Wednesday for a stock that has doubled since March 24th and one of the most talked about psychedelics companies that just recently listed on Thursday. If you would like to join the InvestorIntel Special Report Alert, click here and will ensure that you are invited!

Simple, inspiring and even fun, join 4-5 fellow investors or industry leaders in an interactive presentation experience, we now affectionately refer to as Investor Talks.


Tracy Weslosky is the founder and CEO for InvestorIntel Corp. (2001-Present), a leading online source of investor information that since 2001 has provided public market ... <Read more about Tracy Weslosky>

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