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Back to Bay Street Prep Talk for Small Caps

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“What really works?” is the question I get asked every day. And in global market moving at speeds and timelines no one can absorb, the strategies being deployed for financial media marketing today is worth investing some time for review.

I mean in the eighties, a business commercial on television was hitting the big times. In the nineties, a half time placement at the Super Bowl was one helluva way to go. Any today, getting a Trump tweet can rev up just about any engine but what about the public markets?

What works today? What scores eyeballs as it has been our experience that we need to see a company name at least a dozen times before our curiosity drives us to actions such as research….

In a meeting yesterday, one Bay St. veteran told me with conviction – “Investor Relations as we know it has ceased to be effective.” Another CEO whispers in over a luncheon with me “Have you seen the latest 150k promo?” He then proceeds to explain that the first round, a ghost writer, writes a book for the CEO. The CEO is cleverly positioned through this book as an expert in their respective field (for the record, I do believe branding the CEO works today on building trust between shareholders and their companies) and then, the Company has a media event as a result of the launch of their new book. The book is then released, few unquestionably look at it because fewer and fewer read these days, but it provides a catalyst for the IR agent to get them quoted in the associated major media outlet, increase the CEO’s online presence from ‘just a small cap CEO’ to an influencer, and voila – game is on. Or so they sell this 150k roll of a die….

Let’s be honest here, the small cap markets have never been harder to follow and the tools to market these companies have never been wider or crazier to understand.

For instance, I tell companies all the time – ‘wealthy investors do NOT visit sites with usernames or passwords anymore’, so why are you investing your money in banner ads on sites that no one goes to? Let me add, my theory is based on speaking to endless accredited investors who go to great lengths to ensure that their interest in stocks are not being tracked….but there are exceptions.

A few years ago, a dbase for distribution was worth its weight in gold; but nowadays between Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, spam filters in most everyone’s inbox – very few dbases do anything other than provide a quick scan of what is going on, the dbase system is tired. This said there are some that work.

It’s a war out there to secure attention for companies that are really doing some amazing things. Entrepreneurs that achieve regular milestones are fixing, changing and building our future: I love it.

This is the industry I have elected to gain my 10,000 hours in and as the Bay St. buyers prepare to return to the market for Fall, I thought I would contribute my two cents on what – if I was a public company on this tarmac of many would be doing to prepare….for a very competitive Fall to attract investor interest and maintain shareholder support.

So, expect a daily piece for the next 2-weeks on the various tools presently available. Toss your two cents in, or just send me an email or tweet @Investor_Intel. Ramping up here for an exciting Fall.

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