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Trump says lack of uranium is threat to national security

“Currently, the United States imports approximately 93 percent of its commercial uranium, compared to 85.8 percent in 2009.” is an […]

The junior gold market (finally) shines

So far this year gold has rallied 11%, with a 9% rise just in the past 2 months. Concerns around […]

The ii6 Law of Attraction: Make Investors Care.

Make me care is the theme that every CEO of every public market company must address everyday and, in every […]

Taking advantage of a green style trend proves how “RealReal” revenue can be

The global online retail market is dominated by big names such as Amazon, Alibaba, JD, Rakuten, B2W Companhia Digital, Zalando, and […]

Winners from the US-China trade war (so far)

Trade wars – What will happen next? What will happen this week at the G20? Who are the winners of […]

Looking Beyond USD for Gold

Gold is glittering again, having its strongest week since April, 2016. Many reasons are offered for this long-expected global run, […]

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