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Top 10 InvestorIntel Videos of the Year

| December 30, 2015 | 1 Comment

Top10In an InvestorIntel story published earlier this week titled The year that was a “challenge” I promised to highlight public company stories that “defied gravity in 2015, and the ones we learned from”. Through literally dozens of hours of analysis this last couple of weeks, I can confirm that we do see a correlation between marketing initiatives and companies who fared better relative to their peers. This said, there are no guarantees and as one of our members called me today and concluded so aptly: “It’s never just one person.” Indeed, and here’s to teamwork, and our members whose dedicated hours in airports en route to road shows, endless hours on news releases reflecting benchmarks achieved by management while struggling with patience with shareholders on the phones frustrated by market performance —- Congratulations, here are the results from our audience on the top 10 InvestorIntel videos they enjoyed best in 2015!

#1 Most Viewed Interview of 2015: NioCorp’s recent niobium resource updates and “outstanding” titanium and scandium deposits

#2 Most Viewed Interview of 2015: MMPR licensee Aurora Cannabis on being first to build a new marijuana facility in Canada

#3 Most Viewed Interview of 2015: China tightens control on the world’s supply of rare earths in 2015

#4 Most Viewed Interview of 2015: Neometals’ on lithium, vanadium and building a better battery

#5 Most Viewed Interview of 2015: Lifton on why this is ‘the very best time ever’ to invest in rare earths

#6 Most Viewed Interview of 2015: Global mining expert Joseph Carrabba discusses NioCorp’s niobium project PEA results

#7 Most Viewed Interview of 2015: Adrian Griffin on the Rare Earth, Lithium and Graphite Market

#8 Most Viewed Interview of 2015: Lifton on how the market has chosen the survivors

#9 Most Viewed Interview of 2015: Talga Resources’ on breaking the cost barrier for producing grapheme

#10 Most Viewed Interview of 2015: Professor Kingsnorth on the ‘Real State’ of the Global Rare Earth Market


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  • Janet

    Could not be more perfect to have the Top 10 for the year here in one place. Thanks! Look forward to relaxing tomorrow and watching them all. I always find Mr. Lifton interesting and am not surprised to see his interviews in the Top 10. Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2015 - 11:45 AM

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