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TNR Gold CEO on building a green energy metals company

| December 31, 2017 | 1 Comment

December 31, 2017 — “TNR Gold’s stock prices jumped up lately and there is only one man in the world to explain this.” – starts InvestorIntel’s Analyst Peter Clausi in an interview with Kirill Klip, CEO and President of TNR Gold Corp. (TSXV: TNR), of InvestorIntel’s top 10 movers of 2017 with TNR.V up 160% in 2017.

Kirill Klip: Thank you very much Peter. I guess that man would be me so I will start to tell you a little bit about our story TNR Gold. Basically we are building green energy metals throughout the company TNR Gold. I will start with three very important numbers for our short conversation today. First one will be from UBS, the largest wealth management bank in the world. They estimate a jump by 2,898% in lithium demand in 100% EV world. Second one, but a very important number will be from the Copper International Association. They are talking copper demand for electric cars should accelerate nine-fold from 185,000 metric tons today to an estimated 1.7 million tons in 2027. The final extremely important number, which later in our interview I will try and explain to all our viewers better, is $127 million dollars. This is an estimated cash flow undiscounted for our TNR Gold royalty in a huge copper project being developed by McEwen Mining, under the management and leadership of legendary Rob McEwen, called Los Azules in Argentina.

Peter Clausi: Let us do Los Azules first because it is easy. TNR Gold has a royalty on a world famous large copper project. Is that copper project in production yet?

Kirill Klip: No. This copper project is not in production yet, but this year they have received extremely important confirmation of its potential. Los Azules is one of the largest copper porphyry systems in the world. Just a few weeks ago Argentina and Chile have signed a protocol and a development of Los Azules. Check number one, political uncertainty is out from the evaluation matrix for this project. This important cooperation exhibited by Chile and Argentina for potential mine development at Los Azules comes as very good news for us of course because just in September McEwen Mining has delivered new PEA for Los Azules, preliminary economic assessment, and new resources in all categories reported by McEwen Mining.

Peter Clausi: Is that the news that caused TNR’s stock to jump?

Kirill Klip: Yes. It took us a few weeks and maybe even a couple of months to let the market digest the potential of our story…to access the complete interview, click here

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