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The Nano One competitive process technology for making lithium-ion battery materials

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April 4, 2016 – In a special InvestorIntel interview, Publisher Tracy Weslosky speaks with Dan Blondal, CEO, Director and Founder of Nano One Materials Corp. (TSXV: NNO) about their patented process technology for making lithium-ion battery materials. Having recently been issued a Taiwanese patent for their battery market, Dan explains the competitive advantage of nanostructuring and clarifies that “…lithium-ion battery materials is not just lithium. There’s cobalt and nickel and manganese and aluminum…”

Tracy Weslosky: Most recently you announced that Nano One was granted a Taiwanese patent for your battery applications. Can you tell us a little bit more about this?

Dan Blondal: There’s a couple of significant things about this. It’s the third of our patents to be issued. We have a stream of them in international applications in the U.S. and, of course, in many foreign jurisdictions. The Taiwanese are obviously very big players in the battery space, so it’s an important milestone for us to have an asset in Taiwan like this. Secondly, what’s important about this is it’s a battery application where our technology is really in the formation of the battery material themselves so it’s a process for making battery materials. The way our strategy is that we have a core technology for making the materials and then we have patents on the process and then on the resulting materials and then on the application so that’s where the materials get used, in the battery. It covers the value chain and it’s really important in any kind of IP strategy to make sure you cover that full range. That’s really another significant reason for this. I guess the third one is we continue to have patents coming out so it’s showing a growing IP portfolio.

Tracy Weslosky: Okay so let me understand this correctly. You’re focused on technology for the lithium-ion battery market. Is that correct? Can you just give us a bit of an overview about what Nano One Materials is for our investors?

Blondal_Dan_NanoOneDan Blondal: Yes, Nano One Materials is a company developing processing technology to make lithium-ion battery materials. Just so everyone knows and it’s clear, lithium-ion battery materials is not just lithium. There’s cobalt and nickel and manganese and aluminum and it depends on the flavor, but there’s a bunch of other materials that need to be all assembled in a very precise way very much down at the atomic level to create really nice crystal structures for the lithium-ions to go in and out of. We’re developing that processing that processing technology to assemble those in a cost effective way and to build a better structure that leads to better battery performance.

Tracy Weslosky: Well, and speaking of structuring, we were actually all online looking this up before this interview about you utilize a process called nanostructuring. Can you tell us a little bit more about this and the industry overall?

Dan Blondal: Well, nano is an often used— a well-used word in the industry. It’s used in many different places. Maybe I should just describe, kind of, what we mean by it. It really starts with, what does nano mean? To access the complete interview, click here

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