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Talga CEO on Chemetall Deal and Becoming a Commercialized Graphene Player

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Mark Thompson, Managing Director of Talga Resources Ltd. (ASX: TLG), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s CEO Tracy Weslosky discuss their joint development agreement (JDA) with Chemetall, part of BASF, and their new, “mega [cobalt] project.” The deal with Chemetall will commercialize graphene and will position them in the $10 billion a year metal protective treatments sector. Talga signed another JDA with Zinergy, a UK-based flexible battery company earlier this year. Moreover, they picked up pristine cobalt assets in Kiskama, Sweden in 2012. They confirmed the sensational results of historical drill cores and will have assaying results to appraise the entire property. Talga has another cobalt rich project to the southeast: the Lautakoski iron oxide copper gold (IOCG) deposit. Mark will explore the dynamic cleantech applications for the graphene market at the Cleantech and Technology Metals Summit on May 15 and 16.

Tracy Weslosky: Allow me to start by congratulating you on your announcement with Chemetall. I understand your stock is moving rapidly on the news. Can you give us some highlights?

Mark Thompson: Chemetall is a subsidiary of BASF, which is one of the world’s tier one global coatings and chemical giants. This is a very significant group to allow essentially us to go public with a relationship with them and what follows quite along, a sampling regime. We’re commercializing some products. We have a product development deal with them that seems to be the last building block in people’s minds about the commercial ability of graphene.

Tracy Weslosky: Let’s take that a step further. I actually read that you’re looking at having revenue by Q2 of this year. Is that correct, and can you tell us just a little bit more about that?

Mark Thompson: Even though it’s a sample development or I should say a product development agreement, Chemetall have agreed to buy the material from that program. This will provide income to Talga – obviously very small at first and then hopefully growing throughout the length of the agreement. Then there will be a separate discussion about commercializing that material, but still significant in that, it’s quite an evolution from just providing raw materials. This is actually more of a value added situation.

Tracy Weslosky: It is value added. Of course, this helps with corrosion. Can you give us an overview about how significant this graphene commercialization process is?

Mark Thompson: First of all, what we like about graphene and coatings is it has a massive improvement in performance. Particularly with anti-corrosion, graphene can outperform currently used materials, like chrome, that are used in these coatings now. The ultra-thin and impermeable nature of graphene, plus its electrical conductivity allows it to outperform a lot of other materials. You get a really big bang for your buck by putting graphene into your coating. You get a lot of leverage from that because you also need a very small amount of graphene in that coating…to access the full interview, click here

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