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Siyata CEO on transforming mobile technology for commercial vehicles  

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“It is really next generation technology that is replacing push-to-talk technology that has been in the world until now from land mobile radio…we are doing this over cellular networks.”— states Marc Seelenfreund CEO and Chairman of Siyata Mobile Inc. (TSXV: SIM | OTCQX: SYATF) in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Jeff Wareham.

Jeff Wareham: Who is your target client?

Marc Seelenfreund: Our target market are the millions of commercial vehicles in North America and globally. Just to give you an idea the size of the market, there is over 12 million commercial vehicles just in the United States and Canada. Globally there is over 50 million commercial vehicles. It is a very large-scale market that we are going after. Our goal is to replace these old antique two-way radio systems and replace them with next generation push-to-talk over cellular systems that we make.

Jeff Wareham: Is there a big recurring revenue element to it?

Marc Seelenfreund: The recurring revenue element comes from third-party software that we sell together; we bundle with our products. We do not actually develop applications. We work with third-party applications. We think we can gain a lot of recurring revenue from those third-party applications.

Jeff Wareham: How do you sell this product Marc?

Marc Seelenfreund: Our sales are done mainly through cellular operators and their dealers. We do not sell to the end customer. We do not sell to actual fleets. We work with cellular operators and then they go and sell to their customer base. It allows us to leverage the cellular operators’ sales forces to their enterprise customers and then get our devices into those fleets…to access the complete interview, click here

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