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Revalidation results offer hope towards an ‘elegant way to destroy cancer’

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Anti-CancerNovember 13, 2014 — In a special InvestorIntel interview, Tracy Weslosky, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher for InvestorIntel interviews Roger Dumoulin-White, President & CEO of Theralase Technologies Inc. (TLT: TSXV) about the revalidation results from the preclinical research, conducted at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network just released. The results have further validated Therealase’s Photo Dynamic Compound’s (“PDCs“) ability to destroy a primary host tumour and even more importantly, render the animal immune to a repeated exposure of the same cancer.

Tracy Weslosky: Roger we’re really excited to have you in here because I just read in the announcement — an announcement you just put out about a revalidation of a previous test you did with the Princess Margaret Cancer Treatment Center. Is this correct?

Roger Dumoulin-White: Absolutely. Work that we did about a year ago was we had animals with cancer, we injected them with our photodynamic compound, use our light device to activate it, completely destroyed the cancer. In May of this year we took those same animals and re-challenged them with cancer. About 60% didn’t develop cancer, but 40% redeveloped cancer, which was quickly destroyed. In the latest work that you’re talking about, the research at Princess Margaret Cancer Center, we had 6 animals, we had cancer in those animals, we used our technology to destroy the primary tumor, but we waited 20 days this time because it takes that long for the immune system to build up the memory cells for it. We re-challenged them with the cancer, 100% no tumor re-growth. It’s very, very exciting news for us.

Tracy Weslosky: Of course all of you out there watching anti-cancer treatments I’d like you to pay more attention to Theralase Technologies because you basically utilize laser and photodynamic technologies. Is this correct? Can you give our audience that may not be familiar with Theralase, because they will be after today, what it is that Theralase Technologies offers?

Roger Dumoulin-White: What photodynamic compounds are, are specially made molecules. It’s if you can imagine a Lego set that you put together and you put the molecules together. These are custom built molecules. They’re small molecules so they’re small enough to enter into cells and in particular cancer cells. They grab onto targets inside the cell. Ours grabs onto the DNA. It’s benign until you light activate it. When you light activate it produces what’s called ROS or reactive oxygen species. It basically oxidizes the cell and kills the cell, but what it is, is a very elegant way to destroy cancer. You have a compound which is benign, but when you light activate it 100% kills the cancer. It’s a very nice way to destroy a very deadly disease.

Tracy Weslosky: This is very important, valid research and, of course, confirmation that your technology actually works. You have products and revenue for shareholders because of course — that’s what we’re interested in. Can you talk about your products and what you’re looking at for revenue right now for your shareholders?

Roger Dumoulin-White: Absolutely. We have two divisions. We have our cancer division and we also have a therapeutic laser division. We have lasers that we build and manufacture. We sell to healthcare practitioners, doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists. They use these for eliminating pain, healing inflammation, accelerating tissue healing. We’re launching a new product, patented product, in Canada, the U.S. and in Europe….to access the rest of interview, click here

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