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Randy Hoback on the best mining jurisdiction in Canada – Saskatchewan.

| March 22, 2019 | 1 Comment

Recently during PDAC 2019, Randy Hoback, Member of Parliament for Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, shared why Saskatchewan is ranked high amongst mining jurisdictions with InvestorIntel’s Peter Clausi.

Randy said: “Mining companies have recognized that if they do a project in Saskatchewan they can go through the entire process and actually get to the point of building a mine. There are regulatory things that they have to do, but we have seen companies like BHP Billiton just do the Jansen Project, you see the potash mines, uranium mines and here are examples where they have actually explored, done the work and now they are actually physically running mines. The First Nations are very excited about the mining sector. They do not view it as a negative thing and they actively participate in the mining sector.”

To access the complete interview, click here


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  • Richard Kelertas

    ….maybe not the best mining jurisdiction anymore…. after the government just hiked the royalty( or the writeoffs) for all potash producers in the provinces…..without consultations!!

    March 22, 2019 - 4:14 PM

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