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Nigel Lees on “Making Sage (Gold) great again!”

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Nigel Lees, President, CEO and Director of Sage Gold Inc. (TSXV: SGX) in an interview with InvestorIntel’s CEO Tracy Weslosky to discuss Sage’s Clavos Gold Project. They recently completed a C$11.5 million financing and Nigel points out that their primary focus is in Timmins, which is “one of the great areas for gold mining in Canada, if not in the world.”  With a permit for their mine and a life-of-mine mill agreement with Premier Gold’s mill, located 10km away, Sage is planning on going into production in Fall 2017.

Tracy Weslosky: Nigel, in 2007 you said your market cap was $40 million and you had two exploration projects. Today you’ve got two projects, one that’s going into production this year and — you have a market cap of only $10 million: this is a great opportunity today, yes?

Nigel Lees: I think it is, yes. Make Sage great again!

Tracy Weslosky: Speaking about this opportunity, why don’t you start by giving us an overview of what Sage Gold is.

Nigel Lees: We’re focused on the Clavos Gold Project in Timmins. Timmins, as many people know, is one of the great areas for gold mining in Canada if not in the world. We have a deposit that our previous owners spent over $60 million dollars. We’re going to spend just over $7 million to put it in production. We have a permit and we have a life of mine mill agreement with Premier Gold’s mill, which is about 10 kilometers away. It’s ready to go for dewatering, going into rehabbing, producing hopefully some mineralized material and shipping it by September this year… to access the complete interview, click here

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