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Natasha Sharpe on bridging the capital needs between banks and distressed lenders

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August 27, 2015 — In a special InvestorIntel interview, Publisher Tracy Weslosky speaks with Natasha Sharpe CEO of Bridging Finance Inc. about present market challenges for companies seeking to secure capital needs through alternative or debt financing to avoid dilution. Natasha describes how it works at Bridging Finance, a company that is seeking to arrange financing for companies that are strong, growing, or with promising potential that are in the Canadian mid-market.

Tracy Weslosky: I am absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to talk to you about one of the topics that we discuss a lot in InvestorIntel, which is debt financing. Can you give us an overview about what Bridging Finance does?

Natasha Sharpe: Bridging Finance is one of the few players in the Canadian space that is between the banks on the one hand and distressed lenders on the other. We’re playing in a very broad non-sector specific space where what we’re looking for are good companies that need a bridge. That’s why we call ourselves Bridging.

Tracy Weslosky: Okay. Say I’m a company. We have a lot of companies out there seeking capital the resource sector, the technology metals market, technology; many of the sectors have been hard hit since 2008. It’s my understanding, of course that debt financing you’re not diluting your company so it makes a great option. Can you tell us what your ideal candidate looks like?

Natasha Sharpe: Sure. Well, we’re indifferent as to the size of the company that we deal with. We can do factoring of accounts receivable for as little as $100,000 all the way up to loans of $40 million plus. We service the Canadian midmarket. That covers a huge amount of ground. Again, we’re not interested in the distress space. What we’re looking for are companies that are strong companies, they’re growing companies, they’re up-and-coming companies or alternatively they just have a bank that’s not moving fast enough for them to grab an opportunity that they see in front of them.

Tracy Weslosky: Can you give us an example of a client that you’ve worked with that you’re really pleased with their progress or why you were attracted to them so that everybody doesn’t start calling me asking me to give you your telephone number?

Natasha Sharpe: Well, because we are diversified and we service the diversified Canadian midmarket, we cover a huge amount of ground. We’ve done backing of LCs for companies that were doing acquisitions in the U.S. as an example. We’ve done financing of icebreakers as a bridge to a Canadian schedule A bank. We’ve done inventory financing for tomato growers. We cover a massive amount. The fortunate thing is if you’re a company that’s got a very specific need, because we’re a bridge to something, not a bridge to nowhere, as we like to call it, and you have the assets to support a loan and you believe in your company to the point where you don’t want to take on an equity investor, then we’re probably a good person to talk to…to access the complete interview, click here


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