Lundin on being ‘Thunderstruck’ with copper, zinc and gold

Brien Lundin, co-founder and Chairman of the board of Thunderstruck Resources Ltd. (TSXV: AWE) (“Thunderstruck”) in an interview with InvestorIntel Senior Editor, Jeff Wareham discuss Thunderstruck’s “two proven zinc and copper rediscoveries”, in Fiji. Brien states that Thunderstruck also has “high grade gold targets” on their property, that they are going to drill using the money Thunderstruck has just raised. Brien also explains why investors should invest in mining projects in Fiji and what investors should expect to hear next from Thunderstruck.

Jeff Wareham: Brien, in a market where not much has happened over the summer you guys have just closed off a $750,000.00 financing. Tell me what it is going to take to get people excited about Thunderstruck Resources.

Brien Lundin: We are excited because we have two proven zinc-copper discoveries, high grade discoveries out of Lane. They are unexplored for about 40 years. They were discovered by Anglo. We also have gold, high grade gold targets that we are going to drill right now with the money that we just raised.

Jeff Wareham: Excellent. Now you are in Fiji. Is Fiji a place that I should be investing?

Brien Lundin: It is a great place. People do not realize it has a long mining history, some long established for literally decades, mines that have been running in Fiji. It is a paradise, of course, but the mining goes more inland. It is a great place to operate. Rule of law and everything you need…to access the complete interview, click here