Lifton urges more recycling of technology metals or we’ll run out

Lifton_JackJack Lifton, Senior Editor at Investorintel, presented at the 5th Annual Cleantech and Technology Metals Summit held recently in Toronto on May 10-11, 2016. In this video he explains some key issues facing technology metals.

Take rhenium. The world now produces 50 tonnes a year. But rhenium is a by-product of molybdenum, which is a companion metal of copper. If we want to increase rhenium production, it would involve mining millions more tonnes of copper. Jack Lifton says that is never going to happen. And what is true of rhenium is true of other technology metals: recycling will be key to future supply.

In his presentation he also:

    • Outlines how all technology metals derive as by-product, or as a companion metal, of other metals.
    • Explains the quite different needs of Western economies and those of the developing command economies.
    • Reveals that, in his view, recycling technology metals will become the big push over the coming 10 years.