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James Macintosh on GTA Resources’ high grade near-surface gold mineralization results

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September 21, 2016 — James Macintosh, a Director of GTA Resources and Mining Inc. (TSXV: GTA), in an interview with InvestorIntel Sr. Editor Fred Cowans, discusses GTA’s success in the field and in the boardroom translating to success in the stock. They discuss the recently announced assay results from drilling at GTA’s NorthShore Property, which showed very high grade near-surface gold mineralization, and drove the shares from a year low of CAD$0.02 cents to a high of $0.23.

Fred Cowans: Well when we started working together, 26 years or so ago, we were sitting opposite each other on a trading desk at a boutique. You were the go-to-guy as a geologist for junior mining so I know all about your capital markets and your leadership experience in running mining companies. Let’s talk about the rest of the team at GTA.

James Macintosh: We have a very solid team. We have depth of management in geology, in corporate finance, legal. As well as we have very strong audit people in our CFO. I think that’s one of the things that makes GTA special. I was an original shareholder and founder of GTA along with Peter and Brian. It’s a solid team. Everyone provides what is necessary to make this thing a success.  

Fred Cowans: You’ve been going at the drill bit since 2011 in fall?

James Macintosh: Right.

Fred Cowans: You’ve got a nice tight share structure. You haven’t had to dilute your shareholders to raise the money. Let’s talk about that for a second.

James Macintosh: We’re at about 40 million shares and about 21% is management and insiders. Our joint venture partner in Northshore, Balmoral Resources has another 8% so it’s very tight.

Fred Cowans: Well, the share price has gone up, what, about five times this year so far? So, the shareholders are pretty excited about it too.

James Macintosh: Well, the recent financings that we did, which provide us with the capital we need to not only complete the first phase of drilling but also the follow up drilling, was all raised at much lower prices so I believe the shareholders that invested are quite happy.

Fred Cowans: Since the fall of 2011 you’ve done some drilling at your main property and that’s near the Hemlo camp. Tell us what you’ve accomplished so far.

James Macintosh: We’ve done extensive drilling. Obviously the results, which came out and drove the stock up initially, were the work in the Afric Zone. On the Caly Vein we just finished doing a series of impressive drill holes about over 30 holes. They really focused on trying to delineate the near-surface mineralization. The numbers are absolutely spectacular. There were some holes that were in excess of an ounce per ton. We’re really quite happy with the results of that drilling. We’re also going to be looking at what can we do in the way of basically a metallurgical study to see where the ore can be recovered and we’re taking a look at seeing what it would do to basically put those two high-grade veins into production…to access the complete interview, click here

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