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Early identification of colon cancer blood test places healthcare in patients hands

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In the news release announced this morning about one of the first blood tests to aid in the early identification of colorectal cancer, Chairman and CEO James Howard-Tripp of StageZero Life Sciences, Ltd. (TSX: SZLS) starts with “…patients want to control where their dollars go and they want to control how they get healthcare.”

In an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky, James adds that “This is a way for them to get the tests done particularly for early cancer detection. We have been pushing into this quite strongly and we are starting to lift off. Last month we have had over a million impressions. That’s people to whom our ads have gone and who have looked at the ads. When that starts to translate there are those who would come and download information and give you more information. They also give you permission to engage with them all the way to those who would buy the test online…”

James went on to provide an update on StageZero’s entry into the European Market with Oncore Pharma as a licensing partner. Oncore Pharma, has signed a multi-year agreement with BodyCheck NL for the distribution and sale of StageZero’s  ColonSentry® throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The multi-year agreement is valued at US$40 million. James also said that StageZero is working with the firefighter population to improve early cancer detection and has become a go-to company for them. He said, “We can find ten cancers from a single sample of blood and we are way ahead of anyone else in terms of the science.”

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