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International Lithium CEO on reporting a 60% recovery rate

| August 04, 2017 | 2 Comments

Kirill Klip, CEO, President and Chairman of International Lithium Corp. (TSXV: ILC) (“International Lithium”) in an interview with InvestorIntel CEO Tracy Weslosky discuss International Lithium’s Mariana lithium brine project, located in Argentina. Kirill states the Mariana lithium brine project is reporting a 60% recovery rate, with results showing “a very impressive 1.25 million tons of lithium carbonate and a whole exploration target of up to 4 million tons.” Kirill also comments on International Lithium’s recently appointment new deputy chairman, John Wisbey, who started as a shareholder with the company.

Tracy Weslosky: I’m excited about the quarterly results from Tesla. It appears they weren’t able to produce as many cars as they had anticipated due to the shortage of battery grade materials. Can you talk to us about this, as you are a source for battery grade materials?

Kirill Klip: Yes, they produced a little bit shorter than expected, but don’t forget that they will be ramping up production of Tesla Model 3. I understood they had a particular problem with the lithium battery specs for Tesla Model S 100g.

Tracy Weslosky: I was reading an article about the Tesla 3 and read that you are reporting a 60% recovery rate at your Argentina lithium project. Can you tell us a little bit more about what that 60% recovery rate means?

Kirill Klip: It means that we took very conservative rate of recovery… our results came out as a very impressive 1.25 million tons of lithium carbonate and the whole exploration target is up to 4 million tons. It means that we have very conservative approach… so if Tesla tomorrow would like to partner up with International Lithium, they just have to call us.

Tracy Weslosky: Something that is impressive to me and our InvestorIntel audience, are the jockeys, the management of the team. This actually gets us more interested in a company. You just appointed a very impressive Deputy Chairman with international caliber business experience. Tell us a little bit more about John’s background.

Kirill Klip: John Wisbey is a very great addition to our team. He joined us last January. He is a very avid businessman with very deep international practice particularly in banking. He is very well known in London and Sydney. It can be another very, very important situation for us here in London when all our famous black cabs will become electric by the end of this year. He is a great addition to our team. He spent a few years in Hong Kong, knows very good banking in Asia. You can check inside us, he is constantly buying shares in our company and (inaudible) just participated in another substantial raise in the company…to access the complete interview, click here

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