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The CEO of Getchell Gold on the Timmins of Nevada

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June 15, 2018 – “As I understand it you have 6 assets and the main one is near the town of Winnemucca, which to me is the Timmins of Nevada.” states InvestorIntel’s Peter Clausi in an interview with William Wagener, CEO and Director of Getchell Gold Corp. (CSE: WAB).

Peter Clausi: Now you actually live outside Denver, but the project is in North Nevada, right? 

William Wagener: That is correct.

Peter Clausi: As I understand it you have 6 assets and the main one is near the town of Winnemucca, which to me is the Timmins of Nevada.

William Wagener: That is correct. It is the epicenter for the mining industry in that area.

Peter Clausi: Tell us about the property that is up near Winnemucca.

William Wagener: Yes. The property that is northeast of Winnemucca is Hot Springs Peak. It is about 3,700 acres of staked ground that we control 100%. There is no royalties or anything on it. We are pretty excited about it. We have done some preliminary work on it where we feel good about it.

Peter Clausi: There are other deposits nearby? Which ones?

William Wagener: There are deposits on trend. This property, as well as the other property on the northern Nevada rift, and there are some significant properties there. The one we are using as an exploration model for this is Turquoise Ridge.

Peter Clausi: Which used to be called Getchell Gold.

William Wagener: Used to be called Getchell. They still have the Getchell line there, but yes used to be called Getchell Gold. That is correct.

Peter Clausi: And that is the name of the company that you are rolling up into.

William Wagener: Yes, Getchell Gold Corp.

Peter Clausi: Nice. You have 5 other assets as well where the target is both gold and copper. Where are they?

William Wagener: They are southwest of Winnemucca, about the same distance almost, about 60 kilometers as the bird flies. They are in what is called the Buena Vista Valley.

Peter Clausi: That is Florida Canyon, Battle Mountain, Lovelock, Mill City.

William Wagener: Yes. Right across the valley, Spring Valley, which is the asset that Waterton acquired from Barrick and Midway Gold. Also Coeur’s Rochester mine is there, big silver mine on the other side of the valley.

Peter Clausi: I had the opportunity to visit this site in October and you showed me old mine workings at Star North I believe, Star Point.

William Wagener: At Star Point. Star South is where we actually went to the old historic, kind of, the artisan mine works. We could not actually get to the old copper mine, the road had been washed out.

Peter Clausi: Right. You took some samples from surface there, aggregated them into I believe an 80 kilogram sample and the copper returned 7%….to access the complete interview, click here

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