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Jim Payne on dynaCERT’s award-winning carbon emission reduction technology for diesel engines

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“There are no real competitors close to where we are with our technology. The Company has been trying to do this for fifteen years. We have spent 50 million dollars in 15 years to perfect this. What we actually do is we produce pure hydrogen and pure oxygen on-demand through a very unique electrolysis system. More importantly, our system is so fully computerized, it is like a smartphone, it is learning all the time. It is learning driving habits, it is learning the terrain, it is learning the altitude, climate, and everything, so it is altering the flow of gas to optimize the burn. We are a catalyst, we are not fuel. We optimize the burn, by doing that we give an average of 10-15% increase in fuel economy and more importantly reduce emissions by north of 50%…” States Jim Payne, CEO and President of dynaCERT Inc. (TSXV: DYA | OTCQB: DYFSF), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Jim went on to discuss dynaCERT’s recent purchase order for 100 HydraGEN™ units destined for trucking in Mexico from KarbonKleen LLC. He said that the 100 unit order is expected to be a precedent for a potential exponentially larger market in Mexico of up to 1 million more HydraGEN™ units. Jim also discussed dynaCERT winning two major awards in Germany. dynaCERT recently received the prize for Energy Solutions in 2019 in the Business-to-Business category at the German Innovation Awards competition and received the Gold Certificate Award from The European Society for Quality Research in Germany.

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