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Dugré on H2O Innovation’s ongoing expansion in the desalination market

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August 5, 2015 — Frédéric Dugré, CEO and Director for H2O Innovation Inc. (TSXV: HEO | OTCQX: HEOFF) in an interview with InvestorIntel Publisher Tracy Weslosky discuss the significant developments in its subsidiary Piedmont Pacific Corporation (“Piedmont”) that recently won two of the largest contracts in its history for desalination plants in Qatar. Piedmont, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of flexible pipe couplings, has also signed a new distributor in Australia. Additional discussions include the recent HSBC analysis published that features H2O Innovation as leader in international growth and the overall global expansion in the desalination market.

Tracy Weslosky: I’m looking forward to congratulating you on your big Piedmont deal. That’s your largest deal to date, is it not?

Frédéric Dugré: That’s correct. For this division actually it’s our largest sales that we have been able to conclude in the whole history of the company so far — really promising for the future.

Tracy Weslosky: Well, I’m going to make you tell us who Piedmont is because I could not believe how large this company is — it’s quite substantial…

Frédéric Dugré: It’s a global market that we’re addressing for the desalination market, but it’s a very niche and specialized products that we’re providing. Essentially what we’re doing is we’re designing and manufacturing flexible couplings for the desalination market. We’ve been using it for a long time and it’s very specialized products for these applications where it’s highly corrosive market and it has to resist to high pressure. Yes, our reputation and these large plants have been there, you know, for a number of years with the Piedmont name. We have been able to secure these two large projects for two desalination plants in Qatar.

Tracy Weslosky: So, are you responsible for making this deal Frédéric or are you going to let us know which member of your team put this together and how long it took?

Frédéric Dugré: It was done through the help of our new general manager that we have for Piedmont, Simon Bouchard, but also through the help of our distributors who are based actually in Dubai. We’re dealing with a great rep that is working with us to secure these projects. It’s a common effort.

Tracy Weslosky: What kind of revenue will we be looking at for as we as shareholders for H20 Innovation?

Frédéric Dugré: Well, you see typically, I mean, we’re not going to slow strategically because of this information. We do not want to let the competitor know exactly how we have secured these projects and the value of these projects, but figure out that there is 35 — almost 35,000 couplings for these projects. You know, the price of a coupling will typically vary between the types between let’s say $30.00 to $100.00 a coupling. Pretty substantial in terms of projects that we’re going to realize there.

Tracy Weslosky:  Our InvestorIntel audience was also very impressed when HSBC put out some analysis on top Canadian international companies in the top $20 plus million dollars a year category and you were right at the top of this list. Can you tell us how you were selected for this…to access the rest of this interview, click here

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