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Don Bubar on building an Ontario lithium battery materials demonstration plant

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Don Bubar, President, CEO and Director of Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (TSX: AVL | OTCQX: AVLNF) in an interview with InvestorIntel CEO Tracy Weslosky discuss updates from Avalon. They start by discussing how Don saw opportunity in a past producing tin-indium mine that closed prematurely in Nova Scotia. He sees the possibility of near-term cash flow by extracting value from the stockpiled waste dumps at surface. Don goes on to welcome Patricia Mohr as Avalon’s newest board member and, looking forward, tells the audience to expect more news on the Separation Rapids Lithium Project and the demonstration plant in Kenora, Ontario.

Tracy Weslosky: We’ve had a number of very interesting stories. I really liked the one that Lara Smith did saying, “it’s crunch time” and we’re expecting results on your 2000 meter drilling program that you announced in spring. Where are we at with this program?

Don Bubar: We’re just waiting on analysis now. We’ve got all the core split and into the lab and waiting for the results to come back so then we can see what they all mean and tell us about the mineralogy there. In particular the main reason we were doing it was to better understand the distribution of lithium there now that we know there’s more than one lithium mineral in this resource. In addition to the petalite there’s also the lepidolite and other lithium micas there that we never fully accounted for in our historical resource.

Tracy Weslosky: Don, you have many years of leadership experience in the resource sector. Your goals for your shareholders are very well defined. I’m very impressed with the plan of action with your demonstration plant. Can you tell us a more?

Don Bubar: Well you’re right Tracy. One thing I learned early on in the specialty minerals business is you got to introduce the product to the market as early as you possibly can so that it can get accepted and you can get those offtake agreements from potential customers that can then be relied upon to access the capital to build a full-scale operation. We know we have the resource. We know how to process it to make some of the lithium products that the market wants right now. We feel the next step for us is to build a demonstration scale pilot plant to start making some of those materials, show that we can make them to meet the customers’ expectations on product quality and specifications and then start delivery.

Tracy Weslosky: We have a lot of new readers this year at InvestorIntel this summer that are looking at new stories. They may not be familiar with Avalon Advanced Materials. I liked the quote you had about how you’ll be building this lithium battery materials demonstration plant in Ontario and this will establish Ontario as a new regional center for the production of critical materials… to access the complete interview, click here

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