EDITOR: | May 26th, 2021 | 1 Comment

InvestorChannel’s Graphite Watchlist Update for Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 16:06 EST

| May 26, 2021 | 1 Comment

InvestorChannel’s Graphite Stocks Watchlist Update video includes the Top 5 Performers of the Day, and a performance review of the companies InvestorChannel is following in the sector.
Sources Include: Yahoo Finance, AlphaVantage FinnHub & CSE.
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Watchlist Companies:
– NextSource Materials Inc (NEXT.TO) CAD 3.78 (21.94%)
– Elcora Advanced Materials Corp (ERA.V) CAD 0.07 (7.69%)
– Westwater Resources Inc (WWR) USD 4.14 (4.81%)
– Archer Materials Ltd (AXE.AX) AUD 0.78 (2.63%)
– ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd (ZEN.V) CAD 2.19 (2.34%)
– Mason Graphite Inc (LLG.V) CAD 0.59 (1.72%)
– Syrah Resources Ltd (SYR.AX) AUD 1.00 (1.52%)
– Graphite One Inc (GPH.V) CAD 1.35 (1.5%)
– Northern Graphite Corp (NGC.V) CAD 0.48 (1.05%)
– Talga Resources Ltd (TLG.AX) AUD 1.56 (0.97%)
– Eagle Graphite Inc (EGA.V) CAD 0.17 (0.0%)
– Lomiko Metals Inc (LMR.V) CAD 0.14 (0.0%)
– Strike Resources Ltd (SRK.AX) AUD 0.26 (0.0%)
– Valterra Resource Corp (VQA.V) CAD 0.05 (0.0%)
– Callinex Mines Inc (CNX.V) CAD 2.75 (-0.72%)
– Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc (NOU.V) CAD 16.15 (-4.1%)
– Hexagon Energy Materials ltd (HXG.AX) AUD 0.09 (-4.12%)
– Global Li-Ion Graphite Corp (LION.CN) CAD 0.10 (-4.55%)
– Leading Edge Materials Corp (LEM.V) CAD 0.24 (-5.88%)


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  • J Christian

    Hi. I’d like to enquire as to why Gratomic is not on your list of graphite plays. Gratomic is mere months away from going into production with a superior vein graphite anode material (search vein graphite properties), and also has a reserve estimated in the billions. A deal has also recently been signed with Forge Nano, bringing VW, LG, among others as potential consumers.

    Gratomic is currently a sleeper, but will shock a lot of people in the next few months, as the feasibility study is released (pre or defined), as well as official lab results of spherical coated vein graphite from Gratomic’s Aukam mine.

    With the current market cap, and the expected OPEX, a ten fold increase from here is not only possible, but expected.

    May 27, 2021 - 10:37 AM

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