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InvestorChannel’s Graphite Watchlist Update for Thursday, October, 21, 2021, 16:00 EST

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InvestorChannel’s Graphite Stocks Watchlist Update video includes the Top 5 Performers of the Day, and a performance review of the companies InvestorChannel is following in the sector.
Sources Include: Yahoo Finance, AlphaVantage FinnHub & CSE.
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Watchlist Companies:
– Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc (NOU.V) CAD 9.96 (9.57%)n- Graphite One Inc (GPH.V) CAD 1.72 (4.88%)n- Leading Edge Materials Corp (LEM.V) CAD 0.39 (2.63%)n- NextSource Materials Inc (NEXT.TO) CAD 3.25 (2.52%)n- Callinex Mines Inc (CNX.V) CAD 3.00 (2.39%)n- Mason Graphite Inc (LLG.V) CAD 0.45 (1.14%)n- Syrah Resources Ltd (SYR.AX) AUD 1.14 (0.44%)n- Valterra Resource Corp (VQA.V) CAD 0.04 (0.00%)n- Global Li-Ion Graphite Corp (LION.CN) 0.08 (0.00%)n- Lomiko Metals Inc (LMR.V) CAD 0.11 (0.00%)n- Strike Resources Ltd (SRK.AX) AUD 0.13 (0.00%)n- Northern Graphite Corp (NGC.V) CAD 0.51 (-1.92%)n- Westwater Resources Inc (WWR) USD 3.31 (-2.36%)n- Talga Resources Ltd (TLG.AX) AUD 1.56 (-2.50%)n- Archer Materials Ltd (AXE.AX) AUD 1.50 (-2.60%)n- ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd (ZEN.V) CAD 4.47 (-3.04%)n- Elcora Advanced Materials Corp (ERA.V) CAD 0.13 (-7.14%)n- Eagle Graphite Inc (EGA.V) CAD 0.11 (-8.33%)n- Hexagon Energy Materials ltd (HXG.AX) AUD 0.08 (-9.68%)n


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