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Investor Talk

Disclaimer: All stock information on is currently being fed from multiple sources and is updated automatically every 10-minutes. The information on this site is for information purposes only and InvestorIntel Corp. is neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy of this data.

InvestorIntel Features on Investor Talk

Company Overview


1 CEO + 5 Investors = an InvestorIntel Meeting of 6 Capital Market professionals, exchanging every Tuesday and Thursday morning for 20-25 minutes , grab your coffee and hit the link your are sent pre-market. An InvestorIntel Director introduces a Company CEO to 5 relevant Investors for a 20-25 minute rapid fire update, which we host either on Tuesday or Thursday every week. These meetings start at 9AM EST with a hard stop at 9:25AM EST. The Company CEO has 3 minutes to introduce their key and immediate company plans and/or news updates as a catalyst for questions and conversation. The 5 investors, who have been sent a Company information brief (marketing deck + links to recent news releases), have 15-20 minutes to ask questions in a rapid fire conversation style format - everyone participating is live via video and there is never more than a total of 7 people on a call.

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