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New Age Metals prepares to meet the demands of a greener energy future

February 22, 2019
| February 22, 2019

Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) are six noble precious metallic elements clustered together in the periodic table. They have similar physical and […]

Vanadium: Not Yet

February 21, 2019
| February 21, 2019

Are we there yet? After last year’s surge and a brutal price correction, vanadium prices have ticked up again in […]

Strong start to the year for cannabis investor Viridium Pacific Group

February 20, 2019
| February 20, 2019

It’s looking like 2019 is continuing to be the year of acquisitions with the latest news coming from Viridium Pacific […]

COBC’s Mintrax is set to document conflict free cobalt mining

February 19, 2019
| February 19, 2019

About 10% of the world’s cobalt supply is produced by artisanal miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Artisan […]

Gold at Signature Resources runs deep in Family history

February 18, 2019
| February 18, 2019

Been a fan of prospector and developer John (“Johnny”) Leliever’s Signature Resources Ltd. (TSXV: SGU | OTCQB: SGGTF) deal since […]


Konyi on Smartcool System’s recent Knight Frank and SSE energy efficiency deals

February 15, 2019
| February 15, 2019

“We have done two installations. They (Knight Frank) have asked us to do proposals on 21 buildings and it was on […]

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