The Critical Minerals Institute’s Battle of the ESG Titans: Does ESG Work or Matter In Critical Minerals Mining? 

The Critical Minerals Institute (CMI), an international organization for professionals and companies involved in the critical minerals sector, is pleased to publish the first of the monthly CMI Virtual Summit Series — InvestorIntel Hosts Battle of the ESG Titans: Does ESG Work or Matter In Critical Minerals Mining? 

The CMI virtual summit, which was held on December 14th, featured ESG and critical minerals expert Melissa “Mel” Sanderson head to head with critical minerals expert and Hallgarten & Co Analyst Christopher Ecclestone. The theme of the debate was whether ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles work or should be applied to the mining sector. Moderated by CMI Board member Peter Clausi, the majority of viewers responded favorably to Mel’s position and deemed her to be the people’s choice winner.

Mel starts this debate by saying that ESG implementation is not only important but essential for the resource industry to minimize risk and attract investment capital, she concludes with “Getting ESG right isn’t easy, but it sure is worth doing right.” Moderated by CMI Director Peter Clausi, this debate “…even took on the third rail of ESG, which is anthropomorphic climate change.”

On the other side, Christopher starts with how ESG is just “old wine in new bottles”, and exits with “For the emperors with no clothes of the US asset management industry, ESG is the figleaf of last resort.”

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