April 01, 2023

The CMI Summit II to Address EV Demand Drivers in the Race to Achieve a Critical Minerals Supply Chain


Critical Minerals, Automotive and Government Leaders to Participate in the CMI Summit II in Toronto, Canada on June 14-15, 2023

Toronto, March 19, 2023 – The Critical Minerals Institute, which was founded for education, collaboration, and to provide professional opportunities to meet critical minerals supply chain challenges, is pleased to announce it will be holding its Critical Minerals Institute Summit II (CriticalMineralSummit.com) titled EV Demand Drivers in the Race to Achieve a Critical Minerals Supply Chain on Wednesday, June 14 and Thursday, June 15th at the historic National Club in Toronto, Canada.

The CMI Summit II features opening keynote speaker Constantine Karayannopoulos, CEO & Director from Neo Performance Materials Inc. (TSX: NEO) on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, and Mark Chalmers, President, CEO & Director, Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU | TSX: EFR) on Thursday, June 15, 2023. The CMI Summit II will start at 9 AM EST each day and will be held at the National Club, located at 303 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The CMI Summit II is a 2-day event that runs from 9 AM to 5 PM on Wednesday, June 14th, and 9 AM to 4 PM on Thursday, June 15th. Registration is $750 for a CMI Summit Delegate Pass, which includes coffee breaks, lunches, and a reception on day two. To secure a 2-day CMI Summit Delegate Pass, click here.

For companies and individuals who already have a CMI membership the Summit delegate cost is only $350. For those unable to attend in person, access to recordings will be made available after the Summit exclusively to CMI Members.  CMI Memberships are annual and cost $250. To become a CMI Member for one year, click here.

Additional scheduled featured speakers include Mary Anne Alvin, Program Manager of Critical Minerals Processing from the US DOE Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, Minerals Sustainability Division; Jack Lifton, Co-Chairman, Critical Minerals Institute; and Pat Ryan, CEO and Chairman, Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSXV: UCU | OTCQX: UURAF).

About the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI): The Critical Mineral Institute (CMI) is an international organization for companies and professionals focused on battery materials, technology metals, defense metals, ESG technologies and practices, the general EV market, and the use of critical minerals for energy and alternative energy production.  Offering an online site that features job opportunities that range from consulting roles to Advisory Board positions, the CMI offers a wide range of B2B service solutions.  Also offering online and in-person events, the CMI is designed for education, collaboration, and to provide professional opportunities to meet the critical minerals supply chain challenges (CriticalMineralsInstitute.com).

Critical Minerals Institute Summit II Event Sponsors: American Rare Earths Limited, Auxico Resources Canada Inc., Clean Air Metals Inc., Critical Metals PLC, Critical Minerals Americas Inc., Defense Metals Corp., Energy Fuels Inc., Fission 3.0 Corp., Geophysx Jamaica Ltd., Imperial Mining Group Ltd., Kraken Energy Corporation, Lithium Ionic Inc., Neo Performance Materials Inc., Panther Metals PLC, Power Nickel Inc., Save Canadian Mining, Search Minerals Inc., Ucore Rare Metals Inc., and WCPD Inc.

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For more information on the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI) Summit, contact CMI Director, Event Services Neil Lock at Neil@Criticalmineralsinstitute.com or dial +1 604 340 4888. And for a CMI Corporate Membership or to become a CMI Summit II Sponsor, please contact CMI Managing Director Tracy Weslosky at Tracy@criticalmineralsinstitute.com or dial +1 416 792 8228.

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2 responses

  1. Rare Earths Investor Avatar
    Rare Earths Investor

    Maybe someone will ask the question if the Biden Admin’ has not moved to directly support new critical metals feedstock within US borders projects by the conference date, or has already moved to strategically support friendly borders-based projects, then what does this mean for the chances of the growing number of US-based projects (particularly in RE)?

    To what degree does such project support by potential private financiers and brand name-conscious mid and end-line offtake manufacturers depend on initial gov support? We know e.g., that Lynas already has 3 country support and has had a number of offtakes over the years stemming back through the last decade. Present movers e.g., MP, Arafura and ASM going with the likes of GM, Hyundai, Kia, and GE already had strategic support. Energy Fuels with NEO already have their own business cash sources of support.

    I know this is a political hot potato that entities don’t want to touch but I ask the question again on behalf of interested RE retail investors looking for ‘concrete’ reasons to invest long-term in these RE wannabees.

    Thank you and GLTA- REI

  2. Tracy Weslosky Avatar
    Tracy Weslosky

    Thank you – we have US and British representation at this event. We need CAD and AUS. Someone from the CMI Board today wrote me the following: “We are CMI. But the whole situation in the need for Critical Minerals is a Workforce shortage. They go hand in hand! Without workforce, there are no minerals. So what we have is a Critical Infrastructure issue or Critical Minerals and Critical Workforce. Enrollments are down across the board in uni. And in mining disciplines, it is an even bigger impact to the need. How will we find the people? The Chinese graduate 1500 a year and we in the US are lucky to do 100 and actually less! ” — and yes, he has the theme. The CMI is tieing the 2 together….

    Over the years I have asked you to write for investorintel.com —– offer still stands.

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