June 07, 2023

Does China Dominate the Graphite Market?


In this InvestorIntel interview, Tracy Weslosky talks with Critical Minerals Institute’s (CMI) Co-Chairman Jack Lifton about “why graphite could be the next critical mineral to rise steeply in price” as it is a key battery mineral.

With the graphite market currently being monopolized by China, Jack says that until battery-grade graphite, of a particular purity and shape, is mined and processed in North America, the market is going to be dependent on China. He adds, “…that’s an area [graphite] that North America can probably succeed in becoming self-sufficient.”

Jack goes on to discuss the recent popularity of Lutetium, the heaviest rare earth element, that can potentially be used in making a room-temperature superconductor. Speaking about the rarity and limited production of lutetium globally, Jack explains why mass production of room-temperature superconductors using lutetium is improbable.

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About The Critical Minerals Institute

The Critical Minerals Institute or CMI is an international organization for critical mineral companies and professionals focused on battery and technology materials, defense metals, and ESG technologies in the EV market. Offering a wide range of B2B service solutions, the Critical Minerals Institute hosts both online and in-person events designed for education, collaboration, and service solutions that address critical mineral challenges for a decarbonized economy.

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