November 27, 2022

EV technologies and rare earths here just in time for the holidays


Straight out of the gate this morning, Exro Technologies Inc. (TSXV: EXRO | OTCQB: EXROF) announces the closing of CAD$42 million prospectus offering of common shares. Equally as exciting, Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU | TSX: EFR) announce that they are set to enter the commercial rare earths business in Q1-2021…they have a webcast tomorrow at 11 AM ET if you want to hear the latest.

Timely, it was just yesterday that I was looking at a series of charts for EV technologies and rare earths companies. In fact, had you bought 250,000 shares of $EXRO.V – a company that has developed a new class of control technology for electric powertrains on at market open in the New Year at $0.335, today your portfolio would be $1,145,000 as of Friday, December 11th (Shares closed at $4.58, see below): a 1267% increase in your investment.

And here is a second one to do some research on — Nano One Materials Corp. (TSXV: NNO). Focused on a unique high-voltage cobalt-free battery and up 215% since the New Year. In other words, if you had invested $290k into buying 250,000 shares in January this investment would be valued at $912,500 as of Friday as of market close. Here’s their last news release from November 24th –Update on Nano One’s Breakthrough in Battery Longevity.

Please note that I am not a licensed investment advisor, and I am not making any buy or sell recommendations, but I do enjoy reviewing the Trending section of regularly to see what our audience is reviewing.  And in this review, it is impossible not to notice that 9 out of the 10 most read columns are about EV technologies and rare earths.

Starting with the #1 most read column, As the EV boom accelerates here are some smaller EV #tocks with a chance to follow in Tesla’s footsetps. Written by  well-known financial columnist Matt Bohlsen for InvestorIntel, you will note that his coverage on batteries, EVs and the critical materials market have him ranking as our top read columnist.

Of course we have some impressive columnists covering the market sectors from eResearch analyst Chris Thompson to the gentleman who coined the term ‘technology metals’ Jack Lifton, he is joined by the equally prominent member of the critical materials sector, Peter Clausi. This said, the amount of inquiries into the rare earths sector we have had recently has been a catalyst for our invitation to award-winning energy analyst Frederick Kozak to join our team. Writing a bi-weekly column following this sector, he penned Bull Alert: The 2020 #RareEarths déjà vu all over again that was published late last week.

As you prepare for your holidays, here are 3 companies that Frederick is covering in this space and their charts to review as you enjoy your Monday morning coffee: Neo Performance Materials Inc. (TSX: NEO), Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU | TSX: EFR) and Appia Energy Corp. (CSE: API | OTCQB: APAAF).

Energy Fuels Inc. (TSX: EFR)


Neo Performance Materials Inc. (TSX: NEO)


Appia Energy Corp. (CSE: API)

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